360 Personal with Kelly Hansome: He Was Born To Be Great…

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When it comes controversy no one does it better than the self acclaimed “Igwe of Igbo land” Kelly Hansome!

If he is not having label issues with his bosses, he is dissing other artists (His diss songs still rock parties too) with his songs or through the media. But one thing that you can’t take from him is the fact that he is good at what he does (Na lie?).

I had to cross the 7 seas to get this interview (you know I’m joking right?) and I’m glad I did, because Kelly Hansome made it worthwhile as he opened up on his personal background, Kennis music, politics, a movie rumour and lots more. So sit back, read and find out if Kelly Hansome might just be the man we need in Aso rock (I think this alomo is doing things to my sense of reasoning). It’s raw and uncut.

EseAndre: Sup man!

Kelly Hansome: I’m good

EseAndre: You have been in the music industry for close to a decade but a lot of people don’t know much about your background so why don’t throw some light on that?

Kelly Hansome: My real names are Orji Kelechi Obinna George Michael Hans…lol. Long huh? I come from the great land of Eziobodo in Owerri west local government area in IMO state. I attended Albright nursery school, Alvan staff Primary School, Government College Owerri and Madonna University (Computer science)

EseAndre: Would you describe yourself as controversial?

Kelly Hansome:  Controversial? No. I’m good (laughs). I’m different because I’m always me, I don’t follow because everyone else is. I got a mind of my own. I do me…

EseAndre: But a lot of people think Kelly Hansome is controversial because of the various fall outs that you’ve had with other artists?

Kelly Hansome: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but always remember there is no smoke without fire.

EseAndre: Despite all the controversies surrounding you, you have still relevant going strong, what’s your special recipe for staying strong?

Kelly Hansome: The passion, patience and persistence. I was born to be great.

EseAndre: If you can turn back the hands of time would you follow the same path that you did at the beginning of your musical journey (signing for Kennis Music etc)

Kelly Hansome: Since no one can turn can turn back the hands of time, let’s not talk about what I would have done because the deed has been done already

EseAndre: After your accident, M.I sent you a message of support on twitter and about a week ago you made some comments which a lot of people felt was an indirect shot at Don Jazzy? What’s your take on that?

Kelly Hansome: MI and I are cool and I don’t have to explain my every tweet, so no comment.

EseAndre: They have been some rumours about you taking up movie roles? Is that true?

Kelly Hansome: A Movie role… maybe, but nothing is on the table now.

EseAndre: I know celebs are supposed to entertain and all that but recently a lot of celebs and other well known Nigerians came in support of the #OccupyNigeria movement, what’s your opinion on the issue?

Kelly Hansome: Everyone has their different ways of expressing themselves but 1 thing is the expression and another is the result (so it is not about protesting but making an impact, as at the time of the protests, I was still undergoing series of checkups so I could not be physically present).

The subsidy thing was a good one but It was untimely, and in a country where we do not have a consistent way of transportation like trains that run at a fixed price by the Government, such policy is only a joke,

No disrespect, but it’s not sustainable because there are no adequate plans in place. The rich will not feel it but the poor and minimum wage civil servant workers will, and at some point suffer extremely or die because there is no way they can survive.

Also the people were not well informed of how important this was for the economy of the country. If they had been a roundtable debate between the federal Government, the labour people and the people, maybe realistic views would have been put into consideration but that didn’t happen and you and I know what happened next.

EseAndre: Gosh! Never knew you were so political inclined?! Your opinion aligns with mine!

Kelly Hansome: Thank you

EseAndre: What defines a regular Kelly Hansome day?

Kelly Hansome: Everyday is a holiday for me but some days bring about a lesson learnt

EseAndre: You were involved in an accident some weeks back! What flashed through your mind when it happened?

Kelly Hansome: I thought about how it would have been like to be dead, thought about where my soul will be headed, then I said my favourite prayer – Jesus I love you, all I have is thine, yours I am and yours I want to be, do with me whatever you wish.

EseAndre: I never you were this religious?!

Kelly Hansome: I believe in money and God (MAGA – Money and God always)

EseAndre: And any words for your numerous fans out there?

Kelly Hansome: To my Fans I say, be strong.



I'm Ese Andre, a 300level international relations student of Delsu, i am passionate about Nigeria & entertainment is my cup of tea and since i can do what celebs do i've decided to talk about it!

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