360 Personal with General Pype: His Battle Plan…

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General Pype is one Nigerian act that has kept it real over the years; from his first official single “Keep It Cool” to the monster hit “Champion”. He has carved a niche for himself and in this interview he opens up on all issues from his music, life and aspirations for the future. Enjoy

EseAndre: Who is the man behind General Pype?

General Pype: God is the master behind General Pype but for the records my real name is IBRAHIM MAJEKODUNMI

EseAndre: What inspires you as an artist?

General Pype: The will to improve my person and the struggle of every ghetto youth

EseAndre: How has your journey into the world of music been so far?

General Pype: My journey so far has not been an easy one, but we thank GOD ALMIGHTY who has been faithful

EseAndre: What makes General Pype different from the next artist?

General Pype: I think I will let my fans be the judge of what they think makes me different from the next artist

EseAndre: How is your relationship with other Nigerian artists?

General Pype: It is what I call “ONE LOVE” and the respect & love is reciprocal

EseAndre: You just dropped two singles, so when should we expect an LP from you?

General Pype: The album is ready and it drops before the end of the second quarter of year


General Pype – Victorious Man


General Pype – Stand Attention

EseAndre: You have recorded a lot of songs with other artists, which one would you say is the best so far?

General Pype: I love all d work I have done, I have no preferences

EseAndre: Do you believe in true love and is there a Mrs Pype that we don’t know about?

General Pype: I will rather not talk about that aspect of me

EseAndre: What comes to your mind when people compare you with Sean Paul and other Jamaican acts?

General Pype: I consider it a professional compliment, nothing more

EseAndre: What’s the next step for General Pype?

General Pype: You won’t see me coming… Watch out! (laughs)

EseAndre: If you have an opportunity to change something about yourself, what would it be and why?

General Pype: Hmmm, Nothin really! Bcos I LOVE ME the Way I Am

EseAndre: Where do you see General Pype in the 2020?

General Pype: 2020….I see myself as a record label owner after enough Grammy awards

EseAndre: You played an active role in the #OccupyNigeria movement that took place recently, what motivated to join the movement?

General Pype: Basically, The same thing that motivated every Nigerian and the need to stand firm against tyranny n oppression

EseAndre: A lot of people feel that some celebs just used the movement to promote themselves, do you share that opinion?

General Pype: I don’t judge others people’s intentions …personally I went there to support a good cause

EseAndre: Thanks for coming through General, any last for your fans out there?

General Pype: Remain VICTORIOUS IJN



I'm Ese Andre, a 300level international relations student of Delsu, i am passionate about Nigeria & entertainment is my cup of tea and since i can do what celebs do i've decided to talk about it!

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