3 – 6 – zer0ing In on Denrele Edun

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3 exceptional things about you

  1. I am an angel, I am a devil, sometimes I am in between. 
  2. I am as bad as it can get and as good as it can be
  3. I’m a million contradictions, sometimes I make no sense, sometimes I’m perfect and sometimes I’m a mess. 


How much would you get paid to cut your hair?

Cut my hair??? I haven’t really pondered on that.

You are popularly referred to as a ‘weird fashionista’ , how would you describe your style?

Wait first, make I shine small. Titi Reju, before you start with your fashion forward questions *rolling up my chain encrusted sleeves and flipping back my lice infested tangled hair*

Everyone can buy fashion but you have to own style. Fashion unites us but style sets me apart! Like really would you have bothered with me if I was not interesting subject matter from a fashion perspective?

I wear what I wear because I want to, and the final appraisal in the mirror tells me that I’m the sexiest kick-ass-fashion-foward-freak, who’ll forever stop traffic in NOT wearable rags. My look is fun, not too serious but fun enough to get compliments. My style is a dose of edgy eccentricity, finished up with unequaled and unrivaled attitude.

Too much grammar abi? Oya next!

How comfortable are you in your specially made outfits?

Ehn? Fashion is pain! I suffer for the sake of fashion. If I can wear a pair of Alexander McQueen Armadillo platforms for hours on the red carpet, then I deserve countless accolades! We all treasure our comfort but I’m always willing to go overboard for fashion.

From KiddieVision 101 » Twilight zone » Soundcity » Channel O. What were the ups and down and which was your favourite show?

That’s a million dollar question rolled up into one. I started out professionally early 1995 on the popular KiddieVision 101 soap opera. At that point, I was the competition, I was the major character and so got the juiciest payroll (800Naira per episode) it was an eye opener for me.

When I got admission in 1998, UNILAG exposed me to the world of stage. I got on CrossWord Blues, Everyday People and Jerry the talkative and school gossip on Twilight Zone.

In June 2005, I got a call from Consolidated Media Associates (Tajudeen Adepetu’s Production Company) saying they wanted me to be a brand ambassador for a new music channel. I was like ‘God please, let this be real’

At the beginning, I had no programme to my name/face. Whilst everyone was strutting their stuff on the wide screen, I was sleeping in the studio and writing countless scripts for the other ambassadors. Then it hit me! I wanted my name to be synonymous with the brand and so I came up with the red carpet show and the rest is history.

I left soundcity in 2010 on a bad note, it was a terrible phase for me. I am never a prisoner of my past but an architect of my future. And so I auditioned for Channel O and that was it! It was during the audition I also got my GLO Naija Sings gig. And oh! Without thinking twice my favourite show is definitely Channel O. Holding the mic of Africa’s premier music and lifestyle channel is an unequaled feeling.

Any plans to settle down soon?

Not yet o. I am single and searching, ready to mingle.

As a Veejay, what is that experience you’ve had that would remain evermore?

My unrivaled interviews! Beyonce, Tyler Perry, Vivica A Fox, Akon, Brick&Lace, Amerie, Lil Kim, Forest Whittaker, Danny Glover, Snoop, En Vogue, Ciara, Nas, Mims, Jozi, Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje, Raz Adoti, Liya Kebede, the late Katoucha, Angela Bassett, Cuba Goodin Jnr, Joe, kenny latimore, Lloyd, 112, Shaggy …don’t even get me started!! And that’s just a teeny weeny tip of the iceberg.

Zer0ing in

Always be a 1st class version of urself and not a 2nd class version of someone else! Listen to learn and Learn to Listen!

Choose a job u love and u’ll neva hav to work a day for d rest of ur life! Above all, Life is a competitive ground and you are the competition!

There are two things to aim at in life; First to get what you want and after that, to enjoy it! Only d wisest of mankind achieves the second



I'm 8°C - Nice to a fault & I really know how to keep up with people. Allergic to fake souls, pretense & maltina. I love me & its okay if you don't. I believe in myself, much more than you can imagine. My happiness is all I pursue. I love 360nobs.com. I'm a sucker for maltesers... I'm TT Reju


  1. Dee is one dude i fell in love with even b4 i met him….crazy,mad,eccentric but also the realest dude ever…not so caring cos he encouraged me to torture my fragile feet with his devil heels for hours and also dance “apako” on top….he’s cray but i love him pieces…….

  2. @Denrele! Truly Edgey and Eccentricity. Insightive interview, as usual Denrele gets too ‘down to earth'(My problem with him… Lol)

    He’s a great guy no doubt and he’s just begun. I suspect that guy reads inspirational books or something. There were profound statements made in his interview that really got me thinking, an example: Two things to do in Life; 1. Getting what U want 2.Enjoying it! Quite Mind Blowing. Guy make I offer U publicist consulting naa?

  3. Rele has being a sweetheart right from childhood n I don’t have any issue with his personality. He’s been a good friend of mine for years now n even till date my husband calls him crazzzy! My kids re fond of him but I can tell u , rele will never cut his hair no matter how much his paid! That hair has being his identity for over 28years n he can’t place value on it.

  4. This dude is just incredibly out of this world! He has a unique style that can never be compared with anywhere in the world!

    U too much denrele!!!!!!

  5. O..k.. like seriously, why is everyone being all nice, sweet and lovey dovey? did he bribe you guys or somefin? aii, this my my verdict! this guy is just so….charming and he’s indeed an inspiration*angryface*! I can’t believe I just said that!oops,I caught the TLC virus too! really I wish I had somefin negative to say about him, even with all the negatives news around him that sometimes dosent seem appealing to the ears, he still lifts his head from his shoulders and moves on. People may go all negative on you bro,but I see you flying without wings in years to com. You inspire me bro,I don’t wanna be like you, I couldn’t even imagine myself wearing those crazy*mallam ku irin ajo*shoes(yea,I’m razz! Biggie?)#, but your originality is exqusite. Above all, I must confess, your wierdness sure knows no bounds… Rele Edun Osborne Rajeev Raja of the Adams Family, you are one of a kind!

  6. denrele, denrele… Whr do i start? D, u r d bomb! He is free as d wind n funny lukin lyk chineese fud yet a sight of denrele liftz ma spirit. I met him at d airport few days 2 christmas last decembr n i cn neva 4get dt day. Rele, u inspire me wit ur words… They sound stupid tho bt filled with sense. “choose a job u lv n u’l neva hv 2 work 4 d rest of ur lyf” dt gave me goose bumps. Hmmm

  7. Wat more can I say? This Derele dude is an amazin fella….I met him for the first time in Atlanta and his humble personnae struck me not to mention the errrr hair all over the place and outrageous clothes plus people starin at him every second.
    He didn’t seem to mind! He is like a powerful ray of sunshine in every dark alley! Taju Adepetu must have been mad to reliev him of his Soundcity duties!

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