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In a bid to appreciate and reward patronage from loyal subscribers, Nigeria’s leading Telecommunication network, MTN is now offering a more convenient and exciting means of communication this yuletide period.

The offer which takes place from now till January 31, 2012 is summarized below:
1)      Available to all customers on the MTN family and Friends “Xpanded”:
Get one minute free worth N30 for every three minutes received. To enroll and enjoy this bonus, text Bonus to 131.
2)      Available to all MTN Prepaid customers: Enjoy the lowest call rate at N8.33k when you pay only N100 for 12 minutes of
call to China, US, Canada and UK lines. To buy this bundle, Text YES to short code 321.
3)      Available to all MTN Prepaid customers: Recharge from N50 – N400
and get 10% extra airtime OR recharge N400 and above to get 20% extra airtime free!

MTN came up with this exciting package to reward customers who have been loyal throughout the year and also enable better communication among family and friends this yuletide season since it is a season to show love and care. Xmas Surprises is a more affordable package this season, the international call bundle is the lowest international call rate in Nigeria.

The brand is also on social media and you can connect via facebook.com/MTNLoaded and twitter.com/MTNNG



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  1. I have never gotten any bonus from mtn even though I have been using the network for over 8yrs Now. I guess am not just lucky…..

  2. Mtn u are wonderful… But u give a package early this which as been suspended and we are told it will be back shortly and yet still loading… Please we will be glad if the package can still come back… MTN everywhere u go!!!

  3. i mean the package is (Magic Number) which come up early this year kindly bring it back nxt year we are waitin…. Love u and love all the package so far… Xpecially the N30.00 of 3 mins receive calls for this season….MTN One network…my number is 08060930033

  4. MTN is being a better network in Nigeria but MTN needs to readjust on their BBIS bill. I wish MTN merry christmas. Long Ola Tunde, long life Ola family, long life Ekosin, long life Odo-Otin, long life Osun State, long life Nigeria, long life Redeem Christ Church Of God, long life MTN and long life every body. I wish all Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance. Thanks

  5. Thanks.I’m on family&friends,but when I sent d word BONUS to 131,in d reply I was told dat it wil lapse on 11th Jan.Why is it not tally with d date on d internet(31st Jan)?

  6. mtn is d most useless and disgrace in 9ja network in terms of evry tin e.g network call rate mtn 4rm d management down 2 d staf u pple nid prayers 4rm mallams and pastors 4 dem 2 deliver u pple


  8. i have being browsing with mtn since i got ur sim,and loading credit but u can hardly give out free mb as etisalat does to their customers

  9. i hav always benefited from mtn, thanks to d biggest communication in african, God bless all staffs of mtn, thanks for bn part of my 2011, i look forward to having a beta mtn network in 2012, i hav no regret of usin mtn. Just one request to mtn nja, pls add free mb for brousing to ur seasons bonus. LONG LIVE MTN

  10. MTN-Manymore Things 4 Nigerians dis seasons. Thanks 2 MTN d chmes. I hav been enjoying d bonuses day in day out n d network service is serving as ever. Buon natale è felice anno nuovo.

  11. U MTN are real capitalists. U never did anything 4 free. Pls go with ur stupid capitalism. We dnt need u. Long life Glo network.

  12. hahaha….is dis d surprise?….comon MTN…..do u guyz wonder to check wat other networks(etisalat & glo) are doing?….shame on u & d money dat made u guyz d richest network in nigeria…u guyz shld plz tink of smtin reasonable….d tym wen u fool 9gerians has elapsed o…..go & check i.e make research….no body now relies on MTN…anybody wit MTN has an etisalat or glo sim…ABEGI UNA NO TRY O……IF U WANT TO KEEP UR CUSTOMERS…DO D RYT TIN!!!….MERRY EXMASS

  13. Thanks to u MTN. I got almost 3,000 naria airtime. Thanks for d offer am grateful. But u would have made d offer transferable so i can share with my friends. Anyways thanks and merry xmas.

  14. Etisalat Is The Best 4 Me. 15MB Data Each Week For Loading N200,10 Free MMS,5 Free Sms , N 600 Free Credit Promo . MTN Can Neva Do Dat

  15. I recharge on the 24 Dem and MTN gave me #10 bonus and said it will expire on Dem 11 which has already past and when I check my account the bonus is no longer there. Pls MTN what happen?

  16. Hi mtn i need u adjust d expier dath of ur 10mb compeir with etisalat if u recharg with 200 they would just give u free 15mb and is not for 1day is for 1week b4 it would expier so pls mtn try and help ox on browsing

  17. I luv mtn becos i reachange 750 today an get 150 creadit that is woundfull network. So i like mtn to do well in 2012¿
    good bye my network !

  18. Mtn is d oldest in niger but wat do u hav to offer to ur custormers nothing i am so ashemed of u guys just take etislat for an example dint u nah see how dey oprate infact mtn is d worst network i hav ever seen ervery time u nah go get net work failiur where all moni u nah dey coclet from us dey shame on u

  19. MTN what is happening? Ur lines are now for recieving call only, majority of calls I recieve on my mtn line now come from other networks like etisalet and glo unlike before. I wonder if your network will survive in the near future wit this negative trend, you had better think wise now, get strategic planners for ur market promotion, give better bonus that will satisfy the need of ur customers, like other networks do, instead of manipulating ur customers for ur selfish interest. You’re old enough to be the one setting the pace while others follow, why is the opposite now the case? Time to plan is now, listen to the masses and find out what they’re crying out for; reduce ur call rate, give the youths free browsing, reward those who frequently patronise you, send ur subscribers resonable SMS like happy birthday text, christmas text etc, instead of useless unsolicited advert, call them frequently to kno what they hunger for on ur network and accomodate them in ur promotion plan. I believe if you can start now you’ll have no course to fear reclaming back ur past glory as the best network in nigeria, the masses still love you but they sees ur market strategies more of as a child play than any useful venture.

  20. U people need to dash out credit to ur cutomers for this season. Other network used to apprciate their customers by giving free credit call to any network in nigeria but urs dont do such appreciation

  21. mtn you are really great, i appreciate your services n your care but their is what all customer of yours is demanding from you, the call rate is still high, please, you really really need to do something about it, try as much as you can to reduce it becouse almost all your customers are complaining.

  22. Mtn i dy fil una una jst dy mke pipl hapi scata scata any how make una no stop here o abeg mak una continue…ehen abeg mak una increase the f and f bonus time na abeg

  23. wow! Sincerely mtn is doin gr8t. But u guy should try n gve sme free megabytes for browsing. We are ur fateful subscribbers 4 cryin out loud. Or dnt we deserve it or does it mean mtn is nt bouyant enof 2 let out sme free mb?

  24. anyway u stil try i gbadun u bt celtel is evn tryin more dan u pple givin free browsin over 2mths now, u 2 can do beta it cost u nothin by nxt yr suprise all ur subscribers

  25. D only time I was given bonus was when I played ur deceitful game of N100/sms.mtn u rob peter to pay paul.u are a cheat.

  26. Thanks 2 mtn but why is it that i’ve never received any tangible amount 4rm mtn, no free data too abeg make una try 08060601997

  27. Why is it that i’ve never received any tangible amount from mtn and i’ve been recharging always.abeg make una try 08060601997

  28. why can’t i browse on the time based plan from 250 and above cos anytime i choose any of the time based plans the response is that i cant enjoy the service or so.

  29. I advise mtn network to do as etisalat do that is,when recharging 200 naira airtime there is 15mb free for browsing valid for 7days.I believed mtn subscribers leave here to there for the system.

  30. Mtn u pple re nt tryin @ al,i av been recharging alwz,bt u av nt suprise us wit a gift 4 once,even 2 give us free MB like others do,pls improve am begging u..

  31. mtn i have jst one sentence to describe u; u guys (mtn) are sucking blood to ur customers and to Nigeria Economy!!!

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