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This is a huge shock as Bunmi Olaye- Creative Director of Bunmi Koko has bowed out of the fashion label she co-found with business partner Francis Udom. The name was inspired by the designer’s first name ‘Bunmi’ (which means ‘God gave me’) and the nickname given to her by her partner Francis; “Koko” (meaning my other half’). The two phrases joined to mean, “God gave me my other half”.

Based in London, the brand designs stem from Bunmi’s and Francis’ Nigerian/Scottish heritage.Bunmi Koko also stresses “diversity and inclusion” as part of their mission statement.The joint work of Bunmi and Francis has resulted in the creation of Longitudinal Caissons: a new method of creating tubular silhouettes in fabrics. In addition to that, print technology is a key strength and unique selling point for the brand. This is due to the fusion of Bunmi’s fashion skills and Francis’ engineering skills, resulting in innovative and structured designs which caught the attention of a growing number of celebrities including former Spice Girl Mel B, Michelle Obama, members of Destiny’s Child, top fashion writers like award-winning Fashion Director of The Telegraph, Hilary Alexander. In the second year, The Bunmi Koko brand became one of the most talked about emerging brands.

Mel B in a Bunmi Koko classic dress.


With such outstanding success, it is mind boggling to imagine Bunmi Olaye stepping down as Creative Director. A multitude of questions remain, who will take over the Bunmi Koko brand? Why the abrupt exit?

Be that as it may, we wish Bunmi Koko favour, success and more blessings in all her future endeavors. We at 360 fashion are avid supporters of Bunmi Olaye.




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