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Sigh! Prints, prints and MORE prints dominate the Versace for H&M resort collection. Seeing as the previous collection sold out in a matter of days, it’s no wonder H&M ordered a new collection despite rumours that circulating about customers returning the garments days later. While we weren’t too surprised that H&M ordered a second collection, but it is an unusual move for high street collaborations in general. The conventional wisdom, for places like Macy’s, Target and H&M, is that collaborations are one-off projects, not full-blown lines with seasonal collections.

But if customers keep opening their wallets, than why not?

Donatella Versace sunk herself into the house archives to produce the grommeted, bustiered, scarf-hemlined, and exposed-zippered Versace Resort 2012 collection. The tropical print that peppered a selection of minidresses — inspired by Matisse’s Bouquet — likewise was rooted in the hothouse prints touted by Versace in the mid-90s.




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