TreXotica: D*ck vs Dickling

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Ladies and Gentlemen, announcement, please!


Size matters!

The guy who told you that size does not matter is the guy with the small skinny d*ck.

In my eleven years of doing it, I have slept with three guys with less than average pencils. And none of them could get there! You know, the G-spot.

Only one was self-conscious about the size which meant he never achieved his A-game; often coming too fast.

Another had a small but thick stub like a thumb which meant he could reach the edges at least.

The last one could give a f*ck! I mean, he did not care. He just went on a slam-fest like he had a six-inch pen*s instead of Stub Mc-Littlefinger. He came- plenty of times- but yours truly didn’t even smell “cli” talk less of “max”!

The best f*ckers are the long rods like huge curved microphones.

There was only one for me, C. He got there.

I don’t know how many inches exactly but from the look of things, let’s say 8 or if we wanna really exaggerate, 10

He was not only long, but thick.

He- rather his instrument- went all the way and even extended the edges.

Unfortunately, he failed to apply himself to the sex act- read: selfish lover. With his “talent”, he could have gone places.

Oh well, at least he was useful for something. It was thanks to him that I discovered that I had a G-Spot. Yes, that actually exists- deep inside the vag*na. And the only Johns that actually get there are the Long Johns.

A combined action on the G-Spot and clitoris would lead you to places that only exist amongst the stars. A place that little dickling can’t take you.

But that does not mean you should hate on pinky-dicks. If the owner is inspired, he would find other ways to get a double score on the G and C.

This may require the application of extraneous appendages (tongues, fingers, dildos) which he should not be ashamed to use as the end result would be one satisfied Mama.

And if you are a real man, you know you want that.




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  1. Dis writer sef, check urself b4 u write, d female g-spot is not deep inside ur vag*nA as u sAy, I dnt fink u’ve reAlly got a g-spot orgAsm, u jst feel like writing coz u knw dis kind of topic gets attention. U myt actuAlly mAy nt hv slept wit d guys u talkd about. If u nid a lecture, I’ll teAch u. Stop blabbin bout 10inches coz if u’ve actuAlly seen A size ten, u’ll run. Mind u dicks dat r curvd as u say mostly are infectd. Bt u wnt knw daat wud u? U nid trAining, I’ll giv u a g-spot orgasm. Girls cAn sabi write anyhw shA jst to get Attention

  2. @cozmic: Thanks sweetling for the education. Guess you won’t wanna be giving me any practical training soon seeing as I have been enjoying doing it with diseased dicks…
    PS: I know where my G-spot is, luv.

  3. most gspot are usually by the side ,you dont need a long horn to hit it what you need is skills but i agree size does matter,btw 8-10 is the normal range for at least nigerian men , anyway the best thing a man can do is to know how to satisfy his woman sexually even if ur a broke ass or a dummy at least be good in bed ,take ur time and dont be selfish am saying this cus it suprises me how soo many girls after having sex with them dont want to let go and complain how their men (most of which are very rich ) are just lame ducks.

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