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MTN Project Fame West Africa’s final contestants have had their share of ups-and-downs. From 18 contestants who entered into the academy, the final six, through different challenges, have greatly improved, with the help of the esteemed PFWA Faculty.

The last man standing, Roy who has consistently been seen as a strong contender won the hearts of many during the early stages of the competition. However, he recently started to lose steam, according to the judges.

They complained that he was either not focused anymore or was always tense during performances. Roy, taking corrections from the judges, has since raised his game. During his last performance on Sunday, December 11, 2011, he sang the Christmas carol, “What child is this” and his own composition, “African child”. Impressed with his improvement, the Judges said Roy is now back in the game and is “in it to win it”.

Ruth had a shaky start in the early stages of the competition. She was on probation several times but due to the drills received in boot camp, learnt how to interprete songs better and has shown determination to win the grand prize. Some of her memorable performances include Omawunmi’s “If you ask me”, Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” as well as her original composition, “Mo n bo wale”.

Monica, the only contestant who has never been on probation, came into the competition with her “A-game”, drawing compliments from the Judges, Faculty and audience alike. Her time in the competition is marked with remarkable performances like 2face’s “Only me”, P square’s “Do me” and her own song, “Na you I want”.

Ethel, also called “Ghanaian princess of Swagger” has also won the hearts of many with her sassy character and adorable voice. She went on probation a couple of times during the early stages of the competition but always escaped eviction. A strong contender in the competition, Ethel is dedicated and takes to the corrections of the Judges and the Faculty. Some of her memorable performances include Wizkid’s “Holla at your boy” and her own song, “Melody”.

ESE is another strong contender in PFWA 4 as she has a strong voice and knows how to carry the audience along during every performance. Despite criticisms from the Judges and going on probation a number of times, she has proved to be a good performer and is aiming for the grand prize. Some of her amazing performances include 9ice’s “No be mistake”, the Christmas carol, “Gbo ohun awon Angeli tin korin” and a self-composed song, “Where you belong”.

Yvonne started out as a very strong contender but along the way, started to lose focus in the competition. She was almost evicted when there was a tie between her and Racheal but was saved by Roy, who was nominated to vote for one of the two contestants. Since then, she has since improved and is out to be the last contestant standing. Some of her outstanding performances include Waconzy’s “Celebrate”, Rihanna’s “Man down” and “Away with you” which she composed.

These six have been through several challenges in the PFWA competition, but this has only built them to be outstanding talents waiting to showcase their own kind of music to Nigeria and the world.

To vote for either Ethel, Ese, Monica, Ruth, Roy or Yvonne, text the contestants unique number to 306 from an MTN number. Each text costs N50 and voting ends 6pm on Saturday so start voting now!

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