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As creative director for the Face of Sleek I remember the first time I set my eyes on Alexander Nwokedi, it was during the final screening and she was the 15th prospective contestant to walk through the door. Myself and the rest of the judges couldn’t get past her shyness and her edgy hair and looks. She was so shy that I felt a bit uncomfortable so I asked her to jump in her heels just to loosen up. She did and the usual questions for screening began. What particularly struck me the most about her was her demeanor, she never felt the need to be the loudest girl in the room but she exuded a certain type of confidence without having to say too much.

Over the next seven days, I realized that she was not at all shy. She simply did not feel the need to make the loudest noise to be noticed by any of the judges. She was the true definition of the word- “confidence”. Extremely sure of herself and where she was headed, she excelled at runway lessons, tasks and building relationships with the rest of the girls.

Fast forward three weeks later, Alex is still that incredible and a tad reserved girl with the only difference being the pressures and expectations that come with being the winner of Face of Sleek. During the shoot, we discussed everything under the sun and she had a funny story for every scenario. It’s no wonder she’s our COVER STAR for the month of December.  During the shoot, she explains to me how she never felt any of the other contestants were a threat to her. Such words coming from anyone else would seem incredibly cocky and self absorbed, such words from Alexander however makes you go; “Aww”. We discuss her law background as she’s a qualified Barrister and as a lawyer myself, we have a quick boring chat about local and international law.

She’s very intelligent and well informed about law. So she scores extra points in my books. After the shoot she refuses any refreshments and rolls her eyes when I tell her nobody drinks water these days. It’s always coca cola or some unhealthy fizzy drink. I mean who rolls their eyes at Coke? And free coke for that matter?? Only Alex.

We round up the shoot and she tells me she has aspirations of being a singer someday. Who would have thought! She tells me to call once I get home so she’ll know I’m ok.

Alex is funny, kind, interesting, reserved, confident and self assured.

How can you not love this girl? 



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  1. I am guessing this is a fashion shoot. Why the horrible photography and styling? I know I won’t wear a belt knotted in that manner. Very basic.

  2. Sincerely,alex is one of d most beautiful reserved gurls I ve seen in recent times.At first meeting her,u will tink she is a tad too shy or snobbish but when u get to knw her,u don’t ve any choice but to love her…… She deserves everything dat comes her way,beauty $ brains..I tell u

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