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Flashback Series, a project focused on sharing some of those ‘old skool’ memories we hold dear to our heart, is something i started on Facebook for the fun of it and so far it has drawn numerous comments and tags from people in different countries and backgrounds. My 360nobs oga wont be in for a while today so like my last non-movie post i will quickly put up a little portion of the flashback series and hope he doesn’t notice it on time 😆

I came across an 80’s themed BBM broadcast (inserted below) some few weeks ago and its message fit perfectly into this Flashback project that I decided to adapt it for this post.

I was BORN in the 70’s/80’s.
The last SANE generation! We are the last generation to have played in the streets, we were the first to play video games, saw cartoons and movies on black & white TV sets with knobs & went to the amusement parks.

We were the last to record songs playing on the radio unto cassettes and we are the pioneers of walkmans & chat rooms. We Learned how to program the VCR before anyone else and even got to see it all progress; from 8 tracks to Cassettes to Cd’s to Laser Discs to DVD’s and now Blu-ray.

Outdoors, we played or watched others play suwe, ten- ten, boju-boju and ‘Red Light- Green Light’ whilst indoors; Atari, Sega & Nintendo. We are the generation of; Sesame Street, Thunder Cats, the Transformers, Scooby doo, Voltron, Super Ted, Tele match, Willi Willi,  Tales by the Moonlight, Cock crow @ dawn, Koko Close, second chance, Samanja, village head master, Forest of thousands Demons etc.

We traveled in  trains, in cars without seat belts or air-bags, lived without cell phones. Rode our bicycles down the road without brakes. Went to Kingsway and Leventis for shopping. We never had phones but still kept in touch. We did not have Sony play Station, X box, 99 television stations, rather we waited till 4pm for our dear NTA. Had no flat screens, surround sound, mp3 players, iPod, computers & the Internet.*Some may look back and say it was a reckless age, but nevertheless we had a GREAT Time!!

This is volume 1 of the series and for this one i have pooled together random clips/pics from the past. Have fun checking ’em out!!!

Square One

Square One Television also known as Square One is an American children’s television program produced by the Children’s Television Workshop to teach mathematics and abstract mathematical concepts to young viewers. It was created and broadcast by PBS originally from 1987 to 1994 and it was during this time that we got to see it in Nigeria. One of the main highlights of this series were; The Pacman-like Mathman (video clip inserted below) and Mathnet which came up at the end of Square One (if im not mistaken).

Square One Theme Song


Square One – Mathman



1980’s Advert

Back then we didn’t have adverts where grown a** men danced to see who would win a bottle of Harp or people telling us “Tork for one minute…”. The adverts back then made sense and were actually so convincing you’d want tor go get the product that night. Thanks to iNollywood, i came across this video of ‘old skool’ adverts that people really loved back then eg the cartoon themed Ap SuperVisco advert, Elephant Detergent advertised by Cheif Zebrudaya of New Masquerade, Ava bathing soap where a guy got pushed into the pool for he couldnt resist the smell of Ava x_x. Back then the adverts came on back then during prime-time like the intermission of Checkmate, Basi & Company (see below) etc.



Ovide Video Cartoon

Ovide video is an 80’s cartoon created by a Canadian studio which some of us watched back then shown on NTA 2 Channel 5 (yeah that station had a lot to offer back then). It stars a blue Platypus, Ovide and his friends who live on a island in the middle of nowhere and have lots of fun adventures when not battling the antagonist of the cartoon, a snake called “Cy” and his dumdum sidekick bobo.



Eze Goes To School

“Eze goes to school in Cortina shoes” that’s a quote i don’t know where i picked up, but for years it comes to mind whenever i hear the name Eze. If you schooled in Nigeria (Nursery/primary school that is) and never heard of Eze nor Ali & Simbi, then i really wonder what you read in school. There’s a comment section below to reply that 🙂

Basi & Company

Basi and Company which was created by the Late Ken Saro-Wiwa is one of the finest television series to ever come out of Nigeria. This classic television series is a satire of the ‘Get rich quick with little or no effort‘ attitude of many Nigerians and it revolved around Basi an exceptional man and his exploits.



Robin Of Sherwood

Thanks to this series, i wasted lots of straws trying to make my own arrow just to be like Robin *covers face*. Robin of Sherwood is a British television series, based on the legend of Robin Hood (better known as Robin of Loxley in the series) which ran from 1984 to 1986.The show starred Michael Praed and Jason Connery as two different incarnations of the title character and was shown in the early 90’s on NTA2 Channel5 around 4 o’clock i think in Nigeria. This series also features A-List actor Ray Winstone [Beowulf (2007), Edge of Darkness, 13, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief] as Will Scarlet and its soundtrack was done by Enya (yup the same woman responsible for OST’s for movies like Time Machine & Lord Of The Rings). The last time i saw this series was a while back in Dagenham and even then i couldn’t resist watching it all over again as im sure a couple of people would too if given the chance to do so.


Its obvious we have come a long way in terms of development, NTA 7 no longer exists, LTV no longer shows martial arts movies (thank God for Sony Max on DSTV), channels now stay up 24hrs and no longer close around 12 midnight with the National anthem & flag waving, the roads were safe and NEPA behaved back then. Still you have to agree, some things were better in the past and i wonder why no channel bothers with the old flicks and series…

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