Get Familiar: K.Rimez – Bars Money Cant Buy – feat. T. Mark & Maximum

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Boiling Point: The Mixtape came about some time in the summer of 2011 when two ‘lyrical beasts’ K.Rimez & Maximum who have been mutual friends for a long time sat down to record a song for the recently released 100DeGreez by Inferno City Ent. The night they got into the studio to lace the song they ended up recording two songs which you will find in the Boiling Point: Mixtape ‘Get it and Wrapped Up.

After recording both songs the next they decided to do a Mixtape and from that point on every night it was on they laced a new song non stop at the #ICE (Inferno City ENT) Block studios and this is what happened ; Boiling Point The Mixtape it features other rappers such as Shyo Baba, Knucklez, LagCityKeys & T.Mark with production from the likes of Flowsmith of #ICE XYZ of Str8 Buttah etc.

Here we have a song off the tape called ‘Bars Money Cant Buy‘ over Drake’s Dreams Money Cant Buy and it features T.Mark aka Mr. Thanks for Staying Tuned aka Kosi Biro. There’s still no release date yet but the tape will drop here before the end of the year so sometime in December expect Boiling Point to boil ur ears and give you audio orgasm. ENjoy!


K.Rimez – Bars Money Cant Buy – feat. T. Mark & Maximum



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