Coco’s Chronicles: Coco’s Nu Year Resolution

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It’s been a wonderful 2011. A year in which the most amazing things and also “not too good” things have happened. A year in which I cried my heart out, had the worst heartache and also had the silliest fights. A year in which someone special gave me a reason to smile again, a year in which I met the most amazing readers of my articles.

I hope that the magical things of this year would be doubled and happen in year 2012 for us all. Amen. And I pray the bad things leave with this year and yeah my bad habits too.

I have written a list containing my new year resolution. Well, it’s no news that most of us write this list and stop following what is in it in the second week of January. Me, I try to follow my resolutions till March. But it’s not easy I tell U. Anyway, I have written a list for the year 2012 and I intend to force myself to follow this one.

  1. I intend to love God more; go to church more often, force myself to stay till the end of the service and try to smile at a few brothers who actually greet.
  2. I intend to be closer to my family; Be a good pastor’s daughter, stop frowning when it’s time to go for weekly services and vigils and actually spend more time to pray.
  3. I intend to SAY NO TO BEING FIRED; I do not want any boss to “feel himself”. So I would not sell myself short to any employee and at the end of the day get fired. 
  4. I intend to show more Lagosians my Ibadan craze. Show them that we sef no dey dull for Ib. So to all those Lagosians who show themselves, warn yourselves!
  5. I intend to dash my single friends boyfriends by force; Enitan this is your year. Enitan, Trish, Reanne and Giselle. Come to think of it all my girls are single. Applicants please!!!
  6. I intend to make more money off my father. I hope he doesn’t get to read this though. Don’t blame me please the man has recently been insinuating I find a husband. So imma just grab while I can.
  7. I intend to have more sex (whatever you like u can say to this one). But I have realised it’s the best way to exercise the heart, mind and soul. You think I’m wrong? Try it. (And this isn’t for under 18 readers o!)
  8. I intend to bully my younger brothers more. Temi and Tunmise watch out. Coming for ya!!!
  9. I intend to put more efforts in shaping myself into a respectable woman. Look up to more dignified and graceful women in this society and beyond. Lara Daniels is definitely joining my mentors. I gotta write a book mehn!
  10. I intend to be more faithful in dropping more interesting chronicles.
  11. I intend to put smiles on more people’s faces. And for my special one, I intend to make him feel like the most special boy on planet earth. 
  12. I intend to have less fights. That’s hard because Globacom nigeria won’t stop messing with my line and their customer care reps can be super annoying at times. It’s harder because I just won’t take nonsense from some people and supposed friends. But God is still in the business of doing miracles.

This is my list of resolutions for now. Hopefully, I’ll find more and add to it before 12am January 1, 2012.

U my readers have been awesome and  I wish y’all a prosperous new year in advance. See ya in 2012!!!



I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. Nice, str8 4rm d heart….I 2nd d chrch part…cos its bn a yl 4 me…am gonna av less sex cos it dstracts my work n music makin…all I write abt dese daiz is ..well u knw wt…n I’ll b a betta person 2 my siblings…dey say am 2 reserved…nice coco…lukn 4wrd 2 more great pieces 4rm u nxt year.

  2. Graceful women don’t have sex al d time instead D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ r conquerin companies et thus no time for more sex. Sex twice a week shud be ok for a graceful et Conquerin woman.Gbam. Wish yu al d best in ur remainin resolutns babes…..

  3. U can’t blame glo care workers when their salary ave being over slashed, there is motivation 2 wrk, but still dts nt an excuse 4 them nt2 perform. My swt@ coco keep up d gd wrKn on d sex issue, roger that ma girl.

  4. Thanks SPARKS. I wish u d best in ur resolutions
    NDH; yeah 😀
    Cee jay; like seriously o. I had to ask one recently y he was so eager to be rid of me. To think I called the help line that charges!
    Whisper; I honestly didn’t say I’d have sex all d time. I only said more. U know no one shld av a time table for sex graceful or not. And ask my peeps, I’m a focused graceful woman. Thanks tho. I really appreciate U :*
    Pearl; thanks boo!

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