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“Boy meets girl; Boy loses girl;
Boy gets girl; And they live happily ever after”

Let’s just say I didn’t know which phase of the saying I was in at that point in time. All I knew was that I was no where near the happily ever after phase.

She recovered and was discharged 2 days later. I was more or less her guide and guard during that period, our gist was all over town, rumors started going round that we were an item and that she was the current/only girl on board. It wasn’t long after that, that trouble started knocking on my door. The much dormant and laid back boyfriend shockingly became more active and more caring than usual with each passing day. With more than 4 calls a day as compared with the previous one-call- in-2-weeks, things were not in my favor and she was slowly slipping out of my hands.

Just when I thought my silver lining would appear, he became her ever so righteous and caring knight in shining armor- totally faultless (in her eyes).  All my advances and talks with her about a relationship didn’t do diddly-squat; indeed the word, “hapless” could be used to describe the way things were, perfectly.  It was like going up against a well reinforced brick wall.  Her 2-year relationship with Adebayo was obviously nothing to compete with, as he became all she ever wanted, suddenly – coming to Benin and even school to see her once every 2 weeks.  He came up with different shenanigans to suck her in. These were things I couldn’t compete with or handle as he always appeared to be a step ahead of me every freaking time. Call my attempts futile, ineffectual, bootless and otiose, I knew what I wanted and remained incorrigible.

Soon enough, like graffiti on an old Roman temple, I was forgotten (thrown back into the annoying friend zone) and  she was back under his spell as he kept using the “I love ‎​ you”- mumu-button card on her alongside concentrated doses of reverse psychology, making her feel bad for associating with me. If that was all I had to deal with, I would’ve been able to handle things and cope.  But it so happened that the bitch called “Karma” decided to pay me a visit at the worst possible time. Some girls that I used to roll with and do stuff with way back started spreading rumors that I was just trying to use her (hit and run), that I had never been serious with any girl and that they didn’t expect me to start now out of the blues. Maybe it was jealousy, maybe it was envy, maybe they were “never-do-wells” or just plain ol’ haters, all I know is the rumors made things worse for me. It was hard for her to choose a guy that was possibly a “maybe” over her 2 year relationship with Adebayo even though he hadn’t been there for her from the get-go.

I’m sure you may not really get it, but trust me when I say its very hard to get a girl to really like you if she has a boyfriend and has been in a stable relationship with him for a while. It’s way worse to make her leave him for you even if he’s a jerk (or not).  After a while, say a couple of years, he becomes a superman in her eyes, all his wrongs are seen as rights or she makes up excuses for his misdeeds whenever he goofs. His minor attempts at giving her attention are magnified into a hundred fold impossible feats of love.

Knowing all these, discouraged me for sure, but I tried as much as possible to be optimistic and focused; to be the half-full, I’m-almost-there- kinda-guy. The calls remained steady, the sms’ were “original” (no copying and pasting), they kept flowing and I stayed away from girls. I made her know that my past was long gone and that I could only see one girl, just one girl, HER!

I became the selfless friend that she wanted. The friend she could confide in and get honest non-biased advice from no matter what the problem was, even when it involved her boyfriend. I knew it was hard taking sides with her boyfriend whenever he wronged her, even then, I did so every time. I wanted her to know that I wasn’t the type of guy that would paint her boyfriend as bad or say bad things about him just because I wanted her to myself.  I knew she was a smart girl and that she’d eventually know that my intentions were genuine as I didn’t (and don’t) believe in bringing down one to lift up another. It was a free world and not a competition.

All the while, say 5 weeks, I didn’t know her boyfriend had been doing his homework on me, knowing every little detail he could, along side threatening to send his boys in my school to hurt me if I didn’t leave her alone. I eventually got the truth out of her sometime late into the next month when she told me she’d been avoiding me for my own good. That she didn’t want anything bad to happen to me, that he had threatened to hurt me (fuck me up) if I didn’t back off and that she was sure he meant every word of it.

I wasn’t in any cult group or anything like that, I wouldn’t say I didn’t have friends that were cultists, but I guess you know how these things go – they may be friends and buddies but they can’t exactly go all out to help an “outsider”.  I confided in Stanley, telling him everything. Being a sickler (health-wise) and a natural lily-livered weakling known to always back out of fights, he vehemently told me to back off completely, saying that even though her boyfriend wasn’t in Okada, it was a small school,  I was very easy to spot out and the fact that I stayed off campus made me an easy target to get.  I called Adebayo’s bluff off, told her not to worry, that I would be fine and that nothing “could” happen to me. I lied and told her I was covered and untouchable. That I wasnn’t a push over in the school and that she didn’t really know who she was dealing with (who i was in the school).  Before u judge me, just know that a guy has to save face and form tough guy in front of the girl he loves (even if he’s scared shitless).  I wasn’t about to back out just because her boyfriend said Ishould.

On a second thought, I think I should have just listened to Idy’s advice to back off till she broke up with Adebayo.  If only I knew what was going to happen next *smh*……

To be continued.

Cee Jay
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Cee Jay

Cee Jay

I'm very plain, simple and realistic. Even then, what you see may not be what you get. With a creative and imaginative mind along side having a thing for scalpels, notepads and pens, it shouldn't be hard to spot me out. Follow me on twitter @ceejay_da_baoss.


  1. I hope dem no- burst/break ya head oh —-#dose girls dem be #bad-mouth dey need #good-lipsticks —dat her bf just dey form #james-bond ___e don forget sey u be #arnold(terminator). « —–i wrote evrythin in Pidgin(pigeon) cus I just ate-bird :D. —dope. Story

  2. Cee jay, shebi actor no dey die for this u story abi? Because I fear for John’s life o! This one dat d next part is d final part has me worried 🙁
    As usual u did a good job

  3. Cee jay, shebi actor no dey die for this ur story abi? Because I fear for John’s life o! This one dat d next part is d final part has me worried 🙁
    As usual u did a good job

  4. @phermy – #noted- it’ll be out sooner than u think k- thankss

    @f.lake- ☂hαñks dear ({})

    @nkaybarbz- hehehe- i toned down the suspence in this one and as well as the details. ☂hαñks 🙂

    @lizzyb– u’ll find out soon k ☂hαñks dear 😀

  5. Hmmmmm………wud I say ghen ghen or wat? So m guessing ds is lyk d part of d movie were d ‘actor’ fights d ‘Boaz’ (hoping ds is hw its spelt sef)abi Loool! Nice write up as usual….and yh,tnxs for killing us ich tym wi d suspense!

  6. @flavour- lol- i think its spelt “boss” buh most peeps called it “BoZe” back then- lol- as for wah happens next- u’ll find out pretty soon. ☂hαñks alot- i really appreciate

  7. Cee jay finish this tin once and for all na shey u want to kill person ni. If u don’t finish it buy the next part I go personally find u com break ur head . lol

  8. @justin_T — hmm- u sure? No comment.. U’ll find out soon.

    @ugo – 😀 😀 , u always have ma back – and I’m eternally grateful for that 🙂 . ☂hαñks hommes

    @wande- yep yep- soon — very soon… ☂hαñks

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