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“Rome was not built in a day” – Unknown Origin

“One thing always leads to another” – Unknown Origin

“Something is happening in my heart” – Kuch kuch hota hai

Stacked up dried up grasses under the hot sun during Harmattan, is wild fire waiting to happen – Me


Before I could wonder why someone would call me up at 1am in the morning, interrupting the kissing spree with the girl of my dreams, curiosity took over; besides she had stopped responding at that point (i have to tell the truth).  I looked at the phone to check the caller ID, I was expecting it to be Stanley as he was the only one that could ever called at such odd hours.  The caller ID was hidden, so I let it ring, being that I had been warned from home never to pick calls like that due to threat calls in the past.  My phone just won’t stop ringing, after 4 missed calls and Idy saying she was so sure the reason why I was scared to pick the call was because it was from one of my girls, I finally decided to prove her wrong and the following ensued…

Me: Hello, who’s this?

Caller: I’m Adebayo Adetayo Oluwole.  

Me: Is that supposed to mean some’n to me? Do I or should I know you?

Caller: I highly doubt that young man but I…

Me: See… Uhm… Mr Ade..wole or whatever your name is, I really don’t have time for this kinda talk right now. Try to call me back later in the day or some’n. I’m pretty busy at the moment.  

And then I ended the call. I was just about to join Idy again who was sitting on the edge of the bed with her hand on her jaw lost in deep thoughts when my phone rang again. I was pissed this time.

Me: Please who the fuck is this?

Caller: As I said before, I’m Adebayo Adetayo Oluwole. And please do not talk to me like that or end the call on me again while I’m talking. Do you hear me?

Me: Excuse me?!

Caller: Listen! I know who you are and where you are right now. I called to find out about my girlfriend. I’ve been trying to reach her all evening but her phone has been off.  

Me: So?? What has that got to do with …

Caller: Listen!! I know she came to see you this evening and I know she’s staying in the same hotel you’re in right now.

Me: See, if you’re Amaka’s boyfriend then you’re getting it wrong. I’m not with her or close to her. I haven’t even s…

Caller: Do you think I’m stupid?

Me: Uh.. I’m hella-confused right now. Who’s your girlfriend? How’d you know about me? And above all, how the hell did you get my freaking number?

Caller: Hmmm, her name is Idongesit Bassey Egem-odeh. I made a couple of calls to people in your school and from what I gathered your not difficult to…..

Me: Oh, you’re Idy’s boyfriend! (I repeated what he said, so she’ d know who I was talking to. She on the other hand was waving her hand and shaking her head so i’d “code” and know what to and what not to say).   Uh, she’s in her room, I guess she’s sleeping. She’s alright though. I’ll definitely pass your message across to her tomorrow morning when i see her, unfailingly.

Caller: Please do that.  

And then the call ended.

I wasn’t the same after the call, my heart fluttered with my mind running wild with a million and one questions and thoughts knowing what I had just done with Idy. My palms were sweaty and my breathing was irregular- it seemed as if i wasn’t taking in enough air/oxygen. My voice was a little shaky as I tried to play cool, calm and collected while I told her her boyfriend called to check up on her. The call completely killed the mood and had me saying an awkwardly timed “Goodnight dear”.

30 minutes after returning to my suite, I was still messed up thinking.  I didn’t sleep that night at all.  Around 7am, when sleep was finally making a head way with me, I got a call from Idy telling me she was with her boyfriend, that he came to pick her up as early as 6am and that she was on her way to the park. I figured I was in for trouble but didn’t know how events were going to play out.

I kept calling and texting her; I couldn’t ping her anymore as I realized she had deleted me from her “BBM” list (yet again). She became cold and semi-distant over the next couple of days (something I was used to due to prior experiences) and I totally understood why.

In no time, my extended stay in benin was over and I was back in school. Back to Stanley and back to over 38 pages of notes to copy.  I gave Idy space when I realized she was acting funny towards me and I focused on my studies even though it was a herculean task at that time.

After 3 weeks of total avoidance, I found myself back to square one- i couldn’t get her out of my mind, the experience in Benin consumed me.  I happened to run into her on my way from church and offered her a lift. I convinced her to follow me to my apartment, promising to cook for her, teach her how to play the guitar and show her the portrait I had been painting for weeks.  On getting to my place, I don’t know what came over me, as soon as she entered and I had locked the door behind her, I grabbed her waist from behind and turned her around, I don’t know how or why, but I wasn’t scared of anything any longer, no worries about anything or anyone- her boyfriend, the fact that we had not been talking for 3 weeks or the fact that it was a Sunday- my head was blank.

I wanted one thing, and one thing only, HER! I slowly led her to the closest wall as I lifted her chin with my right hand to expose those luscious lips. My left hand was already beneath her top feeling and slowly massaging the supple left region of her waist. She didn’t respond at first, but that wasn’t about to daunt me. As the saying goes, “If it does work the first time, try try again”.

After a few tries of continuous stimulation of upper and lower lips prying them open now and again with my tongue in charge, she started to respond, and very well at that.  Soon her hands were up against the wall while my hands roamed her body like I was searching her for hard drugs. It was a full body search with my hands and tongue in total control. I traced kisses from her forehead down to her lips. Soon I was kissing and nibbling on her neck while my hands which continued to work signs and wonders on her body from her eyes to her thighs – then my tongue took over from her lips to her hips with caution of course *winks* (mind you, some zones were still off limits).

I noticed she was heaving heavily, her heart was racing and she was kissing more aggressively, running fingers through my hair as I kissed the nape of her neck and progressed “south”. We switched positions after a while, with my back against the wall, she leaned forward and did most of the kissing spree/teasing-work- tormenting me with her curvaceous body and divinely sculptured boobs begging to be released from the captivity of her bra. At that point, both body temperatures were off the roof.  I could hardly concentrate, I don’t know if its because very little blood was reaching my brain (due to the heavy diversion of blood flow somewhere else) at that moment or some other freaky ish, all I can remember is that I tripped over a nearby stool while trying to go behind her in order to take off her necklace and admire God’s work in slow motion.

In real time, I was flat on the rugged floor in the supine position. To my utter amazement, she only laughed at me and joined me on the floor. She straddled me while we made out like “madt” arching her back allowing my hands communicate behind her figuring how to unhook her annoyingly difficult to unhook bra. It was better than a fantasy or what you see in pornos….. or so I thought
I switched my game up and took control of the situation- I was not in the mood to let a bra spoil the free flow of energy. Rolled her over and was on top, I started unbuttoning her top (as she had buttoned it back on turning her over) while I kissed every bit of her beautifully designed upper body.

She was groaning and moaning quietly, I took that as a plus and progressed to give her bra a second shot. While trying to slide her arms through the sides of the bra straps, she pushed me off so hard that I hit my head against the edge of the sofa while she was gasping for air. I was confused but being that I had been with a lot of girls in time past, I figured she pushed me off because I had gone too far too fast, so I had already started apologizing when I realized she wasn’t gasping for air because I was doing good or because she was angry, she was having an asthmatic attack and she wasn’t with her inhaler. All she could tell me was that her inhaler was back in her room in school.

Utterly confused and disoriented, I ran up and down for about 2 long minutes doing absolutely nothing helpful. My hands were shaking, I was trembling and practically wimpy. I had never experienced anything like that before. I had only heard of asthmatic attacks and never witnessed one. I knew the situation was fucked up as her hostel was like 15 minutes away from my off camp apartment. After a few seconds of dilly-dallying, I wore ma shirt, carried her in my arms and lay her down gently in the back seat of my car and rushed her to the teaching hospital close by. By the time we got there, her case was really bad, she was rushed to the emergency ward and they put an oxygen mask over her face to enable her breathe, the nurse said they needed to intubate her or something, I honestly didn’t hear half of what she said or understood a quarter of even the little I heard. I was clueless, confused and was asked to wait outside. My perfect day had been ruined once again.

Hours later I was told she had been stabilized and that she was resting. I begged the nurse to allow me go see her promising not to wake her up or disturb. I’m sure she saw the sincerity, care and genuine love in my eyes and let me go in, reminding me not to go back on my word. So many thoughts ran through my mind while I sat by her bedside in the hospital……..

To be continued.

Cee Jay

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Cee Jay

Cee Jay

I'm very plain, simple and realistic. Even then, what you see may not be what you get. With a creative and imaginative mind along side having a thing for scalpels, notepads and pens, it shouldn't be hard to spot me out. Follow me on twitter @ceejay_da_baoss.


  1. Dunno y but I got here as fast as I cld 1ce d link was posted on twitter. But I tink I know y, I am addicted to dis post. *thumbs up* dis is way beta dan I thot it wld be

  2. I promised myself I wud stay away till monday so I cud have at least 4 posts to read but omo i logged in at 8am before signing the attendance register sef. Nice one son, keep it coming.

  3. Dr. Cee Jay, shebi u want to kill us??? You’ll get arrested for killing one of ur readers very soon ;).
    The suspense, d drama, d turn of events, all were (allow me to borrow carter’s words) “on point like a decimal” :D.
    Btw, John is going to spoil everything o! He needs to put a leash on his emotions and stop trying to jump Idy every time they r 2geda… I hope d asthma episode will shake him up a bit and teach him a thing or two…

  4. @toye – hehehe- ☂hαñks 😀 i rly appreciate 🙂

    @noir– he tried to control himself- wasn’t his fault though- Idy was special and different from them other girls… Glad u like it 😀 –

  5. @lizzy_b — so sorry- won’t be for long- the story’s boutta end – ☂hαñks for the support oo far 😀

    @Ewinosa- hehe- thanks- will do 🙂

    @umar – ☂hαñks – really appreciate

    @Lawrakool_rosignol – hehe-:D #noted- final episode coming soon though

    @steve- if u hadd die, how cum u can still type- lol- :p #justMessingWivU – part 9- coming soon- ☂hαñks

    @cocoFresh- hehe- 😉 ☂hαñks man- coming sooon

  6. @melvin- ☂hαñks man- buh I’m sure if u check the site well u’ll see other articles that’ll make u bookmark the site. All the. Same ☂hαñks a mil- i really appreciate 🙂

    @Dola- so sorry bout the semi-heart attack- wiv regards to the way the story’ll end – iono- let’s wait and see- we are almost there 😉 -thanks a mil

  7. Mehn—#j.k rowling will appreciate this–shake spare will envy this –micheal jackson will call it speechless–danielle will steal it to make her book— #Carter will. Screen grab it nd copy it to save in my memo pad–:D. Heart-touching no- need for surgery

  8. AwwwwwwWw so gud to see a guy suffer in love d same way girlz do too..gud job dear n lyk I said b4 yu kip me wantin more…☺✓

  9. @carter – I’m speeeeeeechless- u’ve totally “keeeeee’d” it already- *thanks man….. I truly appreciate all ur mind blowing/ head swelling-inducer comments- lol- been waiting for todays dose all day- hehe-:D ☂hαñks

    @ephie– hmm- uh.. Iono much bout the “L” word- all i know is, if its real, both parties go thru pain and suffering @ one time or the other. Thanksssss *

  10. i dont usually comment though, bur at this rate i must confess that this series is an awesome piece. u’ve just knocked off memoirs from my list. Nobs can like to go suck on a lemon for all i care. keep it up mate.

  11. …I just hope the girl gets to pay more for her waywardness…can’t really blame the boy much…and I still wonder y her bf is still all over her…

  12. @centric – wow! I’m – uh.. Speechless- i honestly can’t stop smiling- gracias– ☂hαñks ☂hαñks ☂hαñks . too bad “uni days” ‘ll soon be over- working on other articles atm tho 🙂

    @azeez rilwan- uh.. Hmmm- true word- John can’t be blamed @ all- “the heart wants what the heart wants” 😀 – mind u, Idy wasn’t wayward-the truth is, if u put two peeps in the same room for too long, feelings start to flare up. #note- John got the 1st “real” kiss from her 5 months after their 1st encounter- that doesn’t spell wayward, does it? So far, John wasn’t a jonzing guy or newbie in that field
    Wiv regards to her bf, A relationship of 2 years CANNOT be swept under the carpet just like that- Idy had that effect on peeps-

  13. Don’t know how and why buh man CeeJay, u really were on point saying ama love this part 8. Wow! Got ma 100% attention. Like seriously, I noticed ma eyes wide open after the first 2 lines. Men, asthmatic attacks can ruin THAT special night. Believe me. And ma question now is, do I avoid going into a relationship with a girl who’s asthmatic? Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Nice one man. Ma tweeps and fb fam need see this.

  14. Loooooooool.. tricky sticky situation…heaven seems to be against john layin idy.. Come on, an attack when they havnt gotten to the real ish, am afraid of wah wud happen wen “the real ish” happens 😡 ..quit dear.. Quit :D… Nice one Cj.. (Y)

  15. @yes boss- 😮 — noooo- don’t be scared of it. Just be there for her and avoid getting her scared or super-excited and u guys’ll be fine – it doesn’t and cannot define ur relationship. Thanksss

    @Eromzy- ☂hαñks man 🙂 -:D – really appreciate

    @nkay– lol- maybe an earthquake-lol- hehe- just messing wiv u- u’ll see – but as per quitting, John can’t do that now- he’s in too deep already – 😉 – ☂hαñks dear

  16. Wow……even when I say I don’t wanna read,smtin makes me do n I get trilled @ d end. Nice job bro,u really good @ dis. Keep it up.

  17. The beauty of ur article is ur ability to put ur readers in the room where evrytin is happening… U paint quite a mental picture…. Thumbs up!!! Nyc1!

  18. @phermy – ☂hαñks – 🙂 – soon – very soon 🙂

    @1665 – lol- ☂hαñks biggest fan-
    Are u sure u can? “My” Idy is one hellOfa chick ooo. All the same,ur location + how often u can come see me ‘ll determine a lot 😉 . I’m glad u like this part. I rly appreciate :*

    @kingben—- coming from u, ☂hαñks doesn’t seem appropriate- just know i rly appreciate the support. ☂hαñks a million ({}) 😀 😀

  19. Wow ceejay, you never told me you were such a good writer! I read part 1 to 8 in one sitting! You got me hooked! So much suspense….keep it up bro. Cant wait for part 9

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