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“There’s always a silver lining after the storm” – unknown origin

Two months into the year, I got a call from Stanley saying the indefinite suspension had been called off and that we had been called back to school. With so much joy, I called my parents who as usual were either never around or around but uninterested in whatever I had been going through in “Azkaban”. Before I could say Jack Robinson, I was on my way to Edo state. Being that I had been locked away in a dungeon and away from people for a while I decided to chill in a hotel for a week before entering school.

For as many of you that know Royal Marble hotel in Benin City, I’m sure you would be able to relate to what happened . I had planned to stay in the hotel and unwind (shake off the effects of the hell-hole)for a week before resuming into my apartment on school grounds. I didn’t enjoy my first 5 days at the hotel one bit as I had no real desire to see anyone or do anything. It was just a waste of time and money as Stanley had been pestering me to resume, saying school was boring for him without me and that the notes I had to copy had started to pile up due to extended hours of lectures to cover up for the break in the academic calendar.

And then it happened. Out of the blues, I got a call from Idy on the 28th of February (I remember the date because its a representation of a landmark in my life). She called to check up on me saying it had been a while she heard from me and all. I tried to act all cool, but pulling that off was harder than expected as that was the first time she ever called me that year. I had every damn reason to be absolutely elated. I told her we had been called back and that I was in Benin. The call ended well and everything returned to normal that evening.

The evening however, I got a text from her saying she was in Benin, that she came to see her boyfriend. I had a strange feeling that God had a hand in her visit to Benin but as usual I acted like a nice friend and was like,

“Awwh, I’m sure you miss him like mad hon. I know just how you feel. You’ll soon see him ‎​ok?”.

But here’s where God decided to change things for me and had me singing, “God has made a way where there seems to….” *smiles*.  I guess it was God’s way of rewarding me for being a good and loyal friend to her.

It so happened that she had to return to school that same day after seeing her boyfriend who came to Benin all the way from Abuja to see her. I’m sure you know how things always go, she had spent more time with him than planned. It was 8:30pm when I got a text from her saying, she was sorry we didn’t see, that she wanted to head back to school but that  we would definitely see in school and she’d make it up to me. It felt like winning the consolation prize when I already had a clear chance of taking home the grand prize. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not likening her to a prize or trophy, I’m just describing how I felt okay. I felt like God had decided to punish me for an unknown sin I had committed years ago. Why would He get my hopes up?  WHY???

I had already given up when my cerebrum went into over-drive. And then it hit me; It was pretty late and risky for a pretty girl like Idy to return to school at that time. So I called her and advised her to chill in Benin and return to school early the next morning or something. Note, this was not a selfish attempt on my part, I just wanted to see a dear friend. And remember, I hadn’t been in touch with the outside world very much as I was in “Azkaban”.

The facts were clear and I had a point. It really was late, being logical she decided to stay in Benin for the night. I was hell-bent on seeing her that night, so I advised her to stay in Royal Marble Hotel, being that it was close to her location at that time, easy for me to drop her at the park the next day and the fact that she was very far from her boyfriend who was on the opposite side of Benin (far far away- Ugbowo) crashing in a friend’s place.  In no time, I was with my dear friend, Idy.

Immediately we entered the hotel, I took care of everything and made sure she got the suite next to mine. There was a little squabble about the payment of the hotel bill as she insisted she wanted to pay for her room herself.  Being more than grateful that she was centimeters away from me, I let it slide.  As soon as she’d settled in, she called her boyfriend to tell him she’d changed her mind about returning to “Okada” (school)and had decided to stay in Benin for the night, being that it was late and all.  At that point, she added that he had no reason to be worked up or worried that she was with me.  Boyfriend, didn’t take it well at all, he started asking her why she didn’t call him to pick her up when she realized she couldn’t make it to Okada any longer and why she didn’t stay with him instead.  Soon enough, he was yelling at her (something I got to know she hated with a passion later on).  That got her pissed, and she turned off her phone. You better believe me when I say, I said a small prayer in my heart right there and then, thanking Him for his divine intervention. I saw myself singing yet again “He’s able- God is able to do just what he says he’ll do” in my heart of course.

I had to cheer her up and return the rosy color to her cheeks, something I loved seeing. We started conversing and soon we were at it for hours. The night was young and we were no where near calling it a day. Being that my suite was next door, I went to get my guitar, came back, played sweet tunes for her while we both sang along. I even tried to teach her how to play the instrument. Soon enough, we were drinking the bottle of Baileys I had brought back from my room. We were merry, laughing, singing, dancing and everything was just perfect- better than i had ever hoped or imagined possible.

I didn’t know when my hand slid into hers and and I urged her to dance with me. After a little hesitation, we were dancing slowly to Keri Hilson’s “Slow dance (remix) with Marques Houston”. We danced to a couple of other slow songs and soon it was  Lauryn Hill’s Killing Me Softly” on repeat. We were face to face, I was looking straight into her eyes and she was looking right back at me, I could feel the elevated pressure of her breath brushing lightly against the skin of my upper lip.

The pressure from her boobs against my chest [Please note: she was very endowed] sent high frequency neuronal signals through every inch of my body- all the strands of hair on my body were at attention, paying respect to the angel centimeters from me. Everything I had dreamed of was happening right before my very eyes. The weird part is we were not tipsy or close to getting there at all as the bottle was only halfway down. I started to feel my heart palpitate, it was running like I just finished sprinting, all visible veins were pulsating, as icy cool as the room was, I noticed I started to sweat and that both our palms were wet. I felt she was experiencing what I was experiencing- you know that moment when you feel the urge to say, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”. Let’s just say I got that urge but couldn’t voice it out, I didn’t want to ruin the “very priceless” moment.

I don’t know where I got the courage from, all I can remember is that I slowly leaned forward to kiss her, expecting a slap, a push, a struggle or at best, no response like the first time our lips ever locked, but to my greatest surprise, she kissed me back. That was all the go-ahead I needed. We started making out. It started gradually, and then, became intense, lips locked, with our tongues acting like they were born and programmed to interact and be together. My left hand was behind her head while my right hand had slipped away from her left hand and was holding her waist gently. Before long, her back was against one of the  walls in the room and we were making out like we were long-lost lovers that had  been locked away for a very long time. I kissed her cheeks out of fear of ruining the moment (with so many things on my mind of course), trailed down her jaw line…. Soon I was kissing the nape of her neck watching her close her eyes, whilst clenching her right hand with my left hand in it and trying really hard not to lose her composure.

Prior to that moment, I had made out with roughly over 40 girls in my lifetime but she was different. She REALLY knew how to kiss and work her tongue, plus her lips (as well as other parts of her body) were so soft, inviting and succulent. It was more than easy to be lost in my self-induced “wonder” land.

The kissing spree continued for God knows how long, (I’m guessing about 30 minutes of titillating ecstasy). I tried so so so hard to control my hands as they roamed her waist, lower back and hips. I didn’t want to cross boundaries and ruin the moment if you know what I mean. Every thing was perfect. Every second was P.E.R.F.E.C.T – a state of elated bliss at its peak.

And then, Lauryn Hill’s “Killing Me Softly”  which had been on repeat was replaced by my annoying ringtone……

To be continued……

Cee Jay
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Cee Jay

Cee Jay

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  1. OMG —this amazing–making sense– u finally gotten her—the story is on “point” like a “decimal”. –no “powder” but this “makes-up” for part 6 –slightly detailed story 😀

  2. I ‎​♡ dat Mention ”Azkaban”..i waz in room 29 ☺, boi wi got products! And em did i hear yu say ‎​u’v made out wi Ova 40 oestrogenz, wo! ‎​Ųя Testosterone must be on some freaking rampage..‎​u need 2 see an endocrinologist…Nyc stOry bruV..‎​u Я.O.C.K. YB!

  3. @carter — 😀 – hehe- u and ur lines.. Really sorry bout the last part promise to keep ’em detailed. ☂hαñks hommes

    @1665 — u sure u know how John felt? 😉 words failed me as i tried to describe how John felt.. But i guess u get the point… ☂hαñks biggest fan 😉

    @Val_id – yep yep- that was an official shout out to all Azkaban buoys. As for making out wiv over 40 girls.. Uh.. Not me- all JOHN .. 😀 -i’m a child of God- As for seeing a doc, i wouldn’t mind if Ms “1665” was ma doc 😉

  4. @el_fadil – – John had obviously come a loooong way- ​☂hαñks man

    @ugo – lol- uh….. Just know that Idy was a very complicated girl *lips sealed* wiv regards to magic stick flicks- dunno- guess u’ll find out pretty soon. ☂hαñks man

  5. \=D/ John’s finally gotten Idy…. John’s finally gotten Idy \=D/
    Now dats how to tell a story… Way to go Cee Jay… It felt like I was right….
    I just hope stanley will be cool with d idea of John and Idy or else wahala go dey

  6. \=D/ John’s finally gotten Idy…. John’s finally gotten Idy \=D/
    Now dats how to tell a story… Way to go Cee Jay… It felt like I was right there….
    I just hope stanley will be cool with d idea of John and Idy or else wahala go dey

  7. @lizzy_b – so sorry bout the suspense- ‘ll try tone it down abit k- and add more details so y’all will really feel what John felt. The story gets better… Keep reading- ☂hαñks

    @Noir- yes yes- u were right 😀 – but as per Stanley- hmm *lips sealed* you’ll find out soon enough. ☂hαñks dear 🙂

    @cynthia_b – ☺h yh? Good to know – ☂hαñks a mil

    @osasu -thanks dear- i rly appreciate

    @elizabeth- ma bad- imma give more details next ► time k – ({})

    @amaka- ☂hαñks for all the support- i really appreciate

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