360News: Christmas Day Horror As Bomb Blast Hits St Theresa Catholic Church In Nigeria

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2 bombs exploded during christmas church service at a Catholic church today in Madalla, Suleja, Niger state. The number of casualties is yet unknown.

The Christmas day congregation at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Madalla near Abuja in Niger State were caught up in a bomb blast that is said to have killed several people.

Over 12 vehicles were destroyed in the blast.

According to Sahara Reporters,

Eyewitnesses said a massive bomb was driven by a suicide bomber in a BMW car a second car rigged with a bomb was parked at the premises of the church. The first explosion happened around 8: 30 AM as church members left the church premises after the christmas day mass.

Soldiers, police and road safety officials have taken over the premises of the church but angry youths in the area have prevented them from taking away dead bodies.

Please find below a news clip from Al Jazeera on the incident.

Please pray for our Nation! May God continue to protect us!

Our prayers are with the families involved! 



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  1. Police adjacent to the churches were most probably busy collecting bribes, passed the bomber through after he must have parted with a little bit more than usual.

    The northern leaders do not see anything wrong in this kind of attacks as long as mosques are left alone. They run their mouth calling for this and that summit with emptiness coming out of the summits. Arrest some of the sects sponsors and other northern leaders step into the sponsorship position. This sect serve the northern leaders ultimate goal that the introduction of sharia law (not that the leaders obey this laws) failed to achieve and that is to give the Muslim north dominance over the affairs of the country called Nigeria. They make it easy for recruits coming into the country from Niger, Chad and so on. Focus more on the foreigners in our midst and you would be towing the right path toward crushing this insurgency. Stop celebrating your little achievements in dealing with this insurgency and focus more on putting something consistent into place to crush same. Eliminate some and more come in through the absolutely porous thing called the Nigeria border line. The Lucifer anointed religious leaders should be monitored, the source of fund coming into their institutions should be monitored.

    If the military could organize the partial arm clean up they did recently, why not do that on a regular basis and extend same to the south west, south east and south south. Give this security strategy a bigger play and you would be doing national security a great good in the whole nation not just the northern region. Too many weapons available in the country, mostly those brought in by the treasury looters, sorry, politicians, during their campaign and by those who just profit from selling weapons. Clean this country of the arms on a consistent basis.

    Mr President talks tough, the citizens see him as weak in action. It is always “we are going to do this and that starting from today”, six months or a year after the talk, the story becomes “we would now start implementation because there were things that had to be put in place”. Another six months down the line, the talk becomes “now we are ready to go” and so forth. This has become the Nigeria Government way regarding everything (roads, power supply, security, and so on). This has gradually worked it way into becoming the people way of talks, no action. The big professors and money bags talk, they have the capacity to do something little (boreholes, roads, security) in their domains but do nothing unless they would be rewarded with national honors or contracts in million of folds. They wait until they become politicians and join the other “big talkers”.

    The citizens praise treasury looters, want to be their friends, hail their wives and mistresses, look with envy upon their children, relatives and friends. Some citizens do this because of the hunger in their belly, some are outright greedy for this affiliation to the treasury looters. How do you praise thieves, their children, their friends, their relatives and mistresses? Why not do it the right way and say “that is the son of that thief going over there, that is the wife of the thief, that is the father of that thief, mother of the thief, that is the the thief’s friend, that is the musician that love praising thieves” and so on. You can also go like this “na the barawo dey go so, na the barawo pikin be dat, na the barawo wife be dat, na the barawo friend dey go so, na the barawo praise singer be dat” and so on. Also this way, “na the ole dey go so, na the ole friend de dat, na the ole mama wear dat big head gear”, na the ole pikin det spray money for dat party so, na dat musician wey like to praise oles be dat” and so on. Add your Naija flavor to this praises but do not leave out the thieving part.

  2. Let me start by wishing you happy holidays and a prosperous year in 2012. But to start it, there are a number of families who are in pain courtesy the boko haram bombing yesterday. The pain is that when ever we point this out, the Presidency, DIA, SSS, DMI, NIA, MOD, DHQ and all other related bodies just over look it with a wave of hand. Obasanjo waved it off as ‘been glibly talk”, but today it is becoming obvious that CIA prediction is coming through and God forbid, but a civil war is eminent in Nigeria. What am pointing at is not the likes of Ali Ndume, but more powerful people namely- the CIA and is clients. Ndume has little to gain by sponsoring BOKO HARAM but he is doing so fore a more higher master who he may not even know. I’ll like members of the BOKO HARAM sect to know they are fighting for their enemy and it will be better they look else where than satisfying that question of Nigeria disintegrating in the next nine years. Our leaders must come out to tell us the truth of what is going on. they are blind but we can see. Lincoln says you can deceive some people all the time and all the people some of the time but you can device all the people all the time. we choose to be part of those that cant be deceived at all.

  3. In a land of Boko Haram>=) and a time of ASSU:'( strike and Fuel subsidy:& …. The Destiny of a great country rests on the shoulders of a confused president.#:-s
    His name……..:x

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