360NEWS: Chinedu Ikedieze aka AKI’s White Wedding.

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We brought you his traditional wedding to his wonderful bride Nneoma on the 26th of November, click here, today we have a white wedding picture.

Yes, we have just one, the wedding has been on close guards(invitation was sent out to friends via phone for change of date) and was actually rescheduled to a day earlier than intially announced in order to control the well-wishing crowd.  😀 But, we had to bring you this one image and we’ll be on the prowl for others.

The wedding was held in a Redeemed Christian Church of God today and the reception would be at Clear Essence in Ikoyi as reported too.





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  1. Am grateful about this, so I urge the couples to live in love to reverse what people are saying that the marriage is not because of love but because of money

  2. Hi, Lissette, glad you found this post. Biography is a life story wrtiten by a person other than the subject. Samuel Boswell’s Life of Johnson comes to mind as a prototype. Are you writing a biography?

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