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Today on 360, we’re giving out not one, not two but THREE LAMBA t-shirts from Hakym the Dream!!! This competition is so easy it almost feels like daylight robbery. Find the questions for the competition below. We don’t need you to strive for the correct answer, just have fun with it and the most creative wins.


1.What is Lamba.

2. Make a Sentence with the word “LAMBA” .

3. Who is Lamba Tutor?

Hakym would be having the following appearances and would also be giving out LAMBA TSHIRTS too.

  • Hakym will be live on Rythym FM on Wednesday,7th of December by 1pm.
  • Big time TVC on thursday 8th of December by 1pm
  • Labi for lunch splash Brilla FM Friday, 9th of Dec, 7am with Mighty George where he’ll be giving out free Lamba Tees.
  • Cute Kimani of Unilag FM will be giving out free Lamba Tees on Saturday 10th of December;
  • Uche of Top radio will give out Lamba Tees on Saturday 10th December;
  • On the 10th , Chizoba of Nta will be giving out free Lamba Tees and she will also have an interview with Hakym.
  • Galaxy TV will give out Tees on Kruzin from Wed.

Post your answers in the comment box.
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  1. 1. “Lamba” is a new word or slang (soon to be incorporated into the dictionary…lol) which may be used to qualify “make sense” things. “lamba” can used in place of “korrect” or “correct” for example.

    2. For answering this LAMBA question, I’m definitely getting a LAMBA tee toh behd. Hakym The Dream is the LAMBA Santa in town.

    3. Hakym The Dream

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