360Fresh: Introducing GFlow Baba

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If you haven’t yet heard of G.Flow BABA, get ready to be mesmerized by a new sound that’s taking the music industry by storm.

GFlow Baba Formerly Known As Teran G expected as the next best thing to hit the hip-hop/rap arena, G.Flow’s hypnotic debut of ‘HUSTLE ND BUBBLE,’ has been the hottest track played on airwaves since its release. Recently signed to UK/US based Galactic Alliance, the handsome, multi-talented rapper, songwriter,producer,composer and performer is definitely igniting the hip-hop party and inflaming plenty of R&B sparks. Since showing a bounty of promise with his consolidated single and breakthrough hit ‘Act a Fool,’ which hit the streets in early 2011, he has continued to sustain great interest, as clicking fingers move towards the all important ‘download’ button.

As the Grandson of the great legendary musical pioneer and theatrical icon, Chief Hubert Ogunde from Nigeria, it’s no surprise that the combined elements of G.Flow’s heritage and his own musical style have him slated to be a huge success.

Cutting his teeth on rapping and singing after voice training with the world renowned Dr Voice, he realized he had a genuine knack for self- expression when engaging in freestyle battles with friends.

Check out his video for Hustle Nd Bubble which i must say looks incredibly clean. Enjoy!



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