360Fresh: GMac ft Shank – One For The Road

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Dubai based nigerian artiste Gmac features Shank on his 1st single and the joint burns.

Press Release:

In a game flooded with same sounding acts OD’ed on confidence  and little much else, rapper  Gmac aka Balogun lehin swag aka Leave my tooth brush in her bathroom aka Gidiboi hustler is carving his own lane and bringing a much needed freshness to an otherwise crowded music scene. Music is different things to different people. For some it’s a play thing, to be fiddled with during free time and leisure. For others, it is merely an outlet for finding expression. For Gmac (born George Ayinde) however, music has always been a passion and a dream: one he has gone through his fair share of trials and tribulations to be able to actualize now.

I recorded my first song in 2003’, the confident rapper recounts ‘but my dad made sure that never got out’, putting a twist to an otherwise uncomplicated life story.  Born into an affluent family, Daddy Gmac didn’t feel music was the way to go for his first son. But instead of deterring the dream, it only fueled his scion’s passion.’ Since I didn’t get the support I wanted, I dropped out of University and started working with the Soundcity as a project manager and a producer for Spice TV (arms of the media behemoth run by Tajuddeen Adepetu) while it was still in its development phase. This kept me close to the music scene and the artists. I got to know a lot of cats but I yearned for my chance to hit that limelight

That chance has come eight years later in the form of “One for the road” featuring Soundboy of choice, Shank. Over a slow burning beat, Gmac reminisces over a love lost while Shank plays crooner singing ‘Can I hit that one more time’ with an intensity that almost feels real. The now graduate of filmmaking, Dubai based Gmac is charting his way to the top on his label Kickback aka Syrup music and from hearing him tell it you get the feeling he won’t stop till he has reached his goals. ‘I see myself beating standards and records set by those before me. I am on a mission to actualize my dreams and actualize them I will’ 

Yup! Get familiar!

GMac ft Shank – One For The Road


  GMac ft Shank - One For The Road (5.1 MiB, 3,799 hits)



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  1. finally a breath of fresh air… had/heard enough of the wiz sound alikes… boy is dope. Nice one Gmac… we wanna hear more and Shank… your voice *blush*

  2. my reply: you can hit that one more time… baby you can wet that one more time.. one for the road… lol… who is this guy? fresh indeed. me like.

  3. fresh flow.. love the bars, makes sense. ummn who is this gmac dude?? Liking the cat already very new school type music. can 360 tell more bout the dude? i’m curious

  4. he is cute, nice rap style. shank i remain ur julie always but i am sure u won’t mind sharing me with gmac, wld u? lol. keep up the good work gmac, who is u doe?

  5. Gmac, Gmac, Gmac!!! You’re finally ready. Get EM, show Em how its done. leggooooo. @SuperStar yes well all have a #OneForTheRoad moment.

  6. I swear i feel the freshness, very daring i’ll say because all we hear now is the same kick and snare/arrangement. Shank i’m impressed you did that hook justice. Bless. Gmac, i dont know you but you’re one dope cat, i agree when they say you’ll give a lot of Niggas a run for they money. 7/10 i’ll say.

  7. @360 why isn’t this track an exclusive??? and Gmac can the girls see another artwork, this one is too dark, i’m sure there’s a lot hidden in that contrast.

  8. Dubai Prince, happy you’re finally out bro. climb that ladder quick. i must say i’m proud of this music- properly composed. damn right its a 7/10

  9. @ hotgurl he’s got english roots his mum is mixed race, so i heard. Gmac you sound good and rap great, love your voice. Love you. #OneForTheRoad

  10. Gmac, pls talk to us now… want to know more, whats you’re twitter handle or myspace, do you have any videos?? your music is so relaxing. a bit cocky though. But i love it.

  11. Topping the Freshmen Chart i see, Great work Gmac, love the tune. I’m hooked on this one. One for the road!! 🙂 I think everyone thats been in a relationship can relate to this one. Makes sense, thats why i’m taking time out to comment on this space. I LOVE U and you just made a nu fan. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think it should be allowed a chance on the Naija Top 10 with the veterans. Very professional, the beat and the lyrics. xoxo

  12. When are we seeing the video… 😉 thats one i’m def looking forward to. @Sexy_Marilynn i totally agree with you. He should be given a shot at the major league charts. So fresh 😛

  13. I think dude is going to change the rap game back home. Lot of rappers will sit up when dude is fully. Looking out for you Gmac. Nice one.

  14. Ok, 360, can you pls put this song on your official chart, its too good for fresh, non of the nu songs in this category can compete with this one. Very professional, on a real, Gmac i’ll say great effort, pls keep it up and dont conform to the norm in Nigeria, keep it #Fresh. Shank as always i love your music. 🙂

  15. Shank is just sick on this hook, totally slayed the track, Gmac, i don’t know you or ever heard you before this, but you are the best i’ve heard on a track in a while. Totally fresh!!! I just hope 2012 will be the death of the Wiz Kid virus and the birth of good music. great one guys.

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