360Events: the SLU…shh Get it On House Party …Strike A Pose For The Camera

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Over the weekend (17.12.11), a lot of party-rockers got it on at the SLU…shh Get it On House Party (courtesy of 360nobs in partnership with HP Nigeria)

The event which was hosted by Ebuka Obi Uchendu and Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, had massive performances by Akon (Konvict Muzik!!!!), WizkidBanky W, 2Face, eLDee, Lynxxx, Tiwa Savage, Brymo, Skales, Pope, LOS, w4, 5Mics, May Boys, Chuddy K etc. 

It was a fun-filled night which attracted all some of the Industry’s biggest entertainers (and an International star) – Waje, Omawumi, Muna, Ikechukwu, Sasha P, Chykay, Beazy, Eva, MI, Ice Prince, Loose Kaynon, Sound Sultan and a lot of beautiful (and handsome) people (yes! 360nobs loves you all, Thank you!).

Beyond the performances, there was loads to eat and drink (for free), motion games to play on xbox kinect, madt music to dance to thanks to DJ Deluxe DJ Xclusive and great prizes were won (xbox and HP Touch Desktop).

It was an amazing night and we have some of the moments captured as people struck poses for the camera.

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Omawumi and Waje
Muna and Waje

Having a Laugh



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  1. @ ”required” ur very stupid for that comment. show us ur highly pretty/handsome dracula face.. get some manners as*wipe..

    overall, a very good turn out.. looks like every1 had fun.. bless!!!
    well done nob360.com

  2. some of these people kinda over dressed tho, no? its supposed to be a laid down kinda atmosphere.. no need for heels, just keep it simple n have fun peeps..
    its a house party, drink, socialise n danceeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    some dudes (ebuka et al., 2011) kept it simple
    love it tho.

    ps: am gna assume those girls with the bubble gum flavoured hair were the ushers..

  3. @ mimi, never the case babes.. i dnt even have a plane ticket not to talk of slu…shh ticket..
    some comments r just too harsh thats all.. sorry if i came across as bitter thoo.. lol

  4. Yo @made_moi why so burnt ? Despite the fact that i didn’t point you out on the red mat. Hey guys, she’s the girl with red hair / red sandals.

  5. was at d event…i had mad fun wit akon in d buildin…skales was tight…wizkid brought down d buildin…tiwa rocked d party…2face jst said ‘ma lo ro pe omo pe iwo nikan loma lowo”…badt guy
    d best part was wen wizkid,ebuka n banky threw HOBLE IGWE into d pool 4 throwin such an awesome party…had some johnnie walker wit ice…played Xbox…got my ass whooped n i whooped some ass’es…it was MAD fun sha…kudos 2 360nobs.com, Slu…ssh, HP, Noble Igwe!…@made_moi…abeg leave dat “retarded”…*oh sorry…*…required guy alone, @mr required…if u were so fine lik brad pitt y didnt u get invited 2 da party of d year?…lol…it’ aint nice telng pple they ar ugly…it aint “gentlemanly”…jst view d pix, laff n LOCK UP!…lol…

  6. yea,soty is d only 1 dat lookd like a human being,its a pool party,look as casual as can b,and i saw her rockin d best bikini under d playsuit she was wearn.btw-soty’s d 1 in d light blue playsuit wt yellow flats.

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