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December is the month of mouth watering, eye popping cutting edge and just pure fun and true fashion! What better way to follow up from yesterday’s STYLE STAR on TV’s golden girl Eku Edewor, than bringing you one of your fave features – 360CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL.

360CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL is an extremely intimate fashion piece that investigates some of the world’s best bloggers, fashion enthusiasts and ordinary people that posses a super human sense of style.

Today’s closet confidential features Nigerian born, London blogger Shirley Eniang.  I am particularly obsessed with her numerous and diverse wardrobe choices. From gravity defying glittery platforms, to shiny black flat brogues each outfit is a contrast of the next.

Yet she still manages to exude and ooze the same effortless chic style with each outfit. It is rare to find a fashion chameleon such as Shirley that is completely at ease with whatever trend she is wearing at any point in time. She exudes equal amount of class in a pair of heels or comfortably tucked in an oversized vintage blazer.

Shirley is the epitome of originality as she genuinely looks like playing dress up is fun. She’s not out to impress anyone or prove a point, her confidence and fun loving nature comes from within and that is clearly illustrated in the way she dresses.

Enjoy her versatility below. We LOVE her.

Love our 360CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL feature and would love to take part or you know someone we should check out, then send me an email at Lucyfashion@360nobs.com.



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