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I’m a bit confused and that is the major reason why I am writing this in the first place.

I’ve never lived abroad so maybe that contributed to my present state of confusion/shock.

Have you noticed the act of over tattooing as embraced by young people especially those in the entertainment industry?

How can you release one single and then go and tattoo your entire body with meaningless images /characters /figures?

Forgive me if I sound “Bush” or under exposed but at 21, how do you know how long you are going to be a musician for?

How can you tattoo your entire body when you are just a “hype” man with no future in music?

I don’t know about you but I think it’s would be easier to live life as a failed artiste with no tattoo than to appear in public in 2017 with Tattoo all over your body starting from your neck down.

Picture this: You were once popular and somehow something happens then you stopped being popular. You meet a lady and she takes you home to introduce you to her parents in Umuahia. What do you think her parents will think of your overly inked body?


How do you want to attend your kids PTA meeting looking like a dog’s vomit?

I agree it is not my money but one thing is certain, once you stop being hot, Nigerians stop caring and you will be more obvious with your over tattooed body.

Believe it or not, Tattoo does not make you a gangster. It’s also funny when you are all tattooed up trying to push your R&B single.

I have nothing against tattoos (I’ve got one) but I also believe that you should really be sure that you want/need to get one before getting the ink on your body.

Life’s more than staying in your father’s BQ and smoking dope .

Dear Young man, think about tomorrow before getting the name of your single on your neck.

Trust me, if Tattoos contributes to the success of an artiste, D’banj would have tontoed a sunshade on his face.

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. *tontoed a sunshade on his face*…………hahhahahaaaa, I agree wiv you nobs,they will definitely have a stories to tell to their grand- children.

  2. “Trust me, if Tattoos contributes to the success of an artiste, D’banj would have tontoed a sunshade on his face.” Wow! Wow! Wow! Nice one, noble!

  3. U sound like u got someone in mind here, n if u do, why not go meet dem instead of boring us wit a pointless post…*still yawning biko*

  4. This noble you are goin more boring by d second? I get d message and I agree, but this advice rubbish is why u became a writter. What nigerians woukd swallow. I use to tink u had talent. You use to be witty and your write up use to full of drama and suspence and be captivating. Now u now advice and call it article? The message is nice but a tweet would hv done it justice! No need to repeat your message in different words and call it article. You are suppose to be getting better at this not worse! *rme*

    1. Chineke lekwa!
      Can i not decide what and what i want to write about ?
      Thanks a lot . Hopefully ,I will get better someday .
      Ngwa,ka odi ba

  5. Hmmmmm. Nobs ichowala okwuo. U knw dat girl is crazy, I pray she doesn’t read dis cos trust me bro she will come for ur ass n dat of pamela’s. Rapu kwa dat side ka anyi koo ihe ozo.

  6. I totally agree! Thank you for writing this, I know body modification can be addictive but people need to think long term and be wise before they ink everywhere. People like wiz khalifa, Soulja boy and Chris brown look atrocious.

    1. I dbout those are the sort of artists mr nobs was referring to, as they are all quite sucessful, I mean even soulja boy is a lot more well known than any of our popular atists.

  7. looooooooooooool Nobs is a character… errrm there are loads of people with tats, and it was a general message. no one should take it personal though, no beef was intended? abi Noble? if you ever decide to run for politics, i am a 110% behind you. oh, tell Pam am not trying to be funny, i just admire you a lot.. 😀

  8. I’ve lived “abroad” my entire life and I don’t see the point in any tattoo. It has a special meaning…well then you could just as easily had that tattoo artist sketch the image, put it in a frame, and hang it up on the wall in your house! I don’t care what profession anyone is in, entertainment or otherwise, there’s 0 point in being tattooed from head to toe. ewww

  9. …is this an igbo clique thing..??? wait Nobs before you diss me in igbo – i dont speak it oh and its just a question… hhmmm anyhoos i live in london and no its not an “abroad” thing tats definately have a negative connotation except u r happy to be labelled a chav, ganster, cheap or if you are in the “entertainment business”- i guess you get away wit it-and yes the post is a lil boring – hang about you ACTUALLY have a tatoo too – which brings to mind pot and kettle…goose and gander…etc. u catch my drift….Naijas r too opinionated sef ..on a different note i enjoyed reading a couple of you slushkid entries (boredom at work is your sis is hilarious love her but it got abit boring for me jare as per on the scale of things i should be doing with my time kinda like this comment….

  10. Nobs whats goin on man, enough drama for this ur article am just enjoying the comments. Na so we dey celebrate Halloween now. See in the next Halloween , I go dress like Amadioha or Willie Willie come out. Let them understand that showbiz is not about tattoos although it needs all the drama it can get.

  11. I think when Nobs wrote “tontoed” he was referring T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ Ð’banj’s hit single~Tongolo.. BTW, What’s Ð connection btwn Ð’banj&Tonto Dike?
    Good ryt~up Nobs..when’s Ð next memoir coming?

  12. Is dis site for only igbo speaking people?pls comment in english.besides its jst a weak attempt @dissing tonto dike

  13. I see u’ll keep returning to attack everyone for yawning @ dis article (if u can call it dat)… wats most ridiculous is u saying u never tot of tonto dike n u somehow made ref to dbanj being ‘tontoed’…come ooooon stop being a wet pant- if u say stuff den dose ur naija raging balls shld be big enuf to stand by dem dats all…..*still yawning

    I laff @ ur response to me…so weak!

  14. Here’s my take. Fashionably speaking, tattoos aren’t evil in themselves. But having visually disturbing ones, etched conspicuously on your body smacks of… I dunno the exact word to use sef.
    An interesing write-up, Mr. Noble. Oh, and thought-provoking too! Lemme stop here for now.

  15. erm im the real ada i don’t know who this other one is oo..anyways the artiste that came to mind was wizkid! he is 21 and he kinda fit the description! i still luv him tho muah wizid xx

  16. Lol. i love this guy cos says things people know but wunt say out. Although this post kinda describes a certain ‘Hype man’ some of us know, i’d just add that it is what it is. Some of these guys are basically using the right excuse to do the wrong things. I dont want to sound specific make i no enter wahala. Nice one with the ibo thing

  17. the article is sayin why bath your body with tatoo? nd its a good article.
    bt what i dont understand is all this people and there comments. the last i checked its nobs blog so he has every right to what he puts n it. if u dont like it go nd open ur own lets c what u will write there. hian.!!! atleast he writes something can you even complete a-z without mixing the words? mcheww.. nonsense.

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