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VIOLET COUTURE only established a few months ago, is a fashion line that showcases the natural beauty and elegance in women.

Violet Couture is a big lover of SPARKLE. It was only apporpriate to have its first formal collection inspired by sparkling jewellry pieces and colours hence naming this the GLAM COLLECTION.  This collection is a good mix of casual, cocktail and evening designs.

Violet Couture presents the first look of its GLAM collection.

Make-up and Styling by Buki Osazuwa.
Photography by TCD concepts.

Contact email:

Phone numbers: +2348066061037,  +2347065702485 and +22967346778

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Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. Nice try just some constructive criticism – couture means well made, often handmade and finished to an extemely high quality, intricately and beautifully made – this is not it. even some of the seams look tacky – it’s not even steam ironed …are they even ironed at all? doesn’t speak well of the “designer”. I am not a HATER just speaking the truth

  2. what??!This is clearly a case of copy cat.I’ve seen all these dresses in magazines.The tube dress with gold embelishments was worn recently by kendall jenner.The photography sucked.All you nigerians trying to be wannabe designers, choose another passion you suck terribly at this one.

  3. I was going to throw up on these clothes but it looks like all your “models” already did. TACKY and a case of Ruggedy Baba. Stolen designs and badly sewn. Hideous collection. This is not couture. The truth hurts sometimes.

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