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The Little Black Dress is a classic wardrobe staple that has been celebrated in fashion for decades. It truly is THE one piece of clothing that is fool proof. It is flattering, timeless, and incredibly chic. Over the years fashion experts have preached the need for every lady to have an LBD in your wardrobe. What I have always found missing are quick fix guide lines for buying an LBD that would perfectly suit your physique.

Here I have selected different styles to suit different body shapes, so next time you go out shopping you can pick the LBD that would flatter your body shape the most.


Curvy girls get in here! Your most flattering option is a bodycon dress to accentuate your curves. I’ve picked this sequined number for some extra SPARKLE!


Boyish figures need elegant layers and ruching. This creates curves and gives the illusion of girlie bits. Opt for a longer hemline for a dramatic effect.


The skinny girls can also wear a bodycon dress, especially corseted pieces that serve as a push up boost for your bust.


Big bust girls need a way to accentuate their curves in a chic and elegant way. A mono strap dress is best as it draw attention to your shoulders and as opposed to your bust.



For pear shaped ladies, a simply cut t-shirt dress gives a balancing effect on your entire physique.


Rumour has it that tall girls should wear short garments to break their height. Be fashion forward by wearing a floor length gown with a see through lower area. It’s a fantastic way to show off your long beautiful legs.




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