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All through Spring/Summer Belts have been a focal point in the accessories department and Autumn/Winter season hasn’t been left outof the fun.  One of the belts styles that have stood out would be the dainty BOW TIE/BOW WAIST BELTS.

It’s an ideal accessory to accentuate the waist and make a monotone outfits for example much more interesting. You can have these belts on anything, giving your waist lines a dramatic look, making them a focal point or can have them finishing off that outfit.

The bow waist belts come in a variety of styles with different materials – from ribbons to leather.  Your belts could be thin or wide, bold or simple, soft or hard, bright or nude – there are so many and its up to you to choose the perfect one that would complement that outfit.  You can get experimental by using just sashes or scarfs as a BOW BELT – just let your imaginations run wild and have a fun time giving your waist lines that necessary cinch.

I have collected different bow belts which you can currently find in the high street stores and online as well as their prices so you can get shopping.  Good Luck.

Style Tip: If you have a small waist most styles would work for you and if you have a wide waist, be careful which outfit you would be wearing your belts with. In some cases a wide belt would give an illusion of a smaller waist and a smaller belt if used carefully would complement you waist line but you’ll need to play around with your belts to find that perfect fit.  For the plus size ladies, its all about the elasticated belts and wide sashes, width of the belts and layering your outfits with jackets, waistcoats or thin cardigans over your belted tops.  



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