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Charlotte Linton’s creations, and also, her frame-worthy sketches are inspired by her imaginary muse, Ermantrude, who just happens to be a “zoologist traveling around the world in the earlier part of the 20th century”.

Linton’s bright, eclectic concoctions are a patchwork of influences and oddities. Her three collections of scarves, titled Java, Himalayas, and Madagascar, feature visuals that would make the hearts of archaeology, anthropology, and biology lovers sing.  Birds, fish, fauna, arrows, shells, minerals, faded postcards, and maps are just a few prints in the bunch. And we’ve already begun imagining all of them mingling inside our closets.

Her various scarf collections are so rich with colour, texture and imagination. Design patterns include; dreamy colours, magical animals and mystical waves.

Even more interesting are the multitude of ways you can wear these scarves. Because these fabrics are extremely light and airy you can layer them on top of a neutral tone outfit for an instant pop of richness.

Turbans are still on the trend radar. Instead of wrapping your locks in heavy fabrics, use a light scarf and remember to make a pretty knot in the middle.

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