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It was the American Awards on Sunday and Jennifer Lopez WAS THERE in FULL ATTENDANCE.  In 2011 so far, you would have heard about her divorce from her 3rd husband, Marc Anthony. You would have seen her new videos. You would have seen her TV ads as well as magazine ads. You would have seen her as a cover girl on fashion magazines.  Some of you would have already read about her having a new dancer boyfriend, again(her 2nd husband, Chris Judd was one of her dancers mainly remembered dancing right next to her in ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing video’).  Some of you would have also seen, heard and read about her PERFORMANCE at the 2011 American Music Awards.

JLO aka JENNY FROM THE BLOCK IS BACK EVERYONE and SHE AIN’T PLAYING. She remains the most memorable performer from the 2011 American Music Awards and its most certainly not for her singing. She came with guns blazing. The main reason we think she killed this event with her sexual innuendos is to spite a certain ex-husband, Marc Anthony who was there to perform his single with fellow Latina, Pitbull. As well as to have all the attention of the press on her BODY and BOOTY, days and weeks and maybe months and years after 20 November 2011. She most certainly made an appearance.

We present to you JLO from when she stepped on stage and stepped off the stage in pictures and the reason she is currently the name on everyone’s lips, entertainment wise that is.  Enjoy.

The very beginning…(Justifying her numerous engaged, married and divorced relationships)

She appears angel like with this lovely dress and pretends to have forgotten her lyrics…

Sends off a blond cheeky smile to the audience, like oops, sorry.

A part of her dress rips off and goes off into the air somewhere…

The beat changes, and she rips off the evening gown to reveal…

This very sparkly GOLD number with loads of well dressed men as her dancers.

Showing off her NEW DANCER BOYFRIEND…. and she looks good doing it too.

She tells the crowded men around her to STOP, no need for all the attention…

Then, a real Fiat500 is revealed (the first and the biggest product placement in the history of any award show). She is the current spokesmodel for the car brand in the United States.

It’s almost like JLO drives the car on Hollywood Blvd (with the help of computer graphics).

Lifted out from the now very well placed FIAT500…

Boyfriend again…never really leaving her side Unto the next scene…(Hope you can spot her BEAU again in the black suit)

A new outfit is revealed by her men and this time its a flesh coloured full body leotard with sparkly stones covering her essential bits…

In comes PITBULL to drop a verse or two as well as be the object of affection from Ms Jenny, starting with a stare down…

…Then, she backs up her famous Asset, and lands it on PITBULL without sparing him…

There is no doubt he enjoyed those very few famous seconds in the history of AMAs.The unofficial END of her AMA 2011 performance.

And that was the end of that over 5mins performance by the Jennifer Lopez and the rest is just plainly part of history.

The picture above is JLO glowing but this time she features on a song with Will. I. am, titled T.H.E.

Jennifer Lopez receiving and thanking for her award as the winner of the Favourite Latin Artist in an ornately beautiful Zuhair Murad couture evening gown. Backstage after receiving her 2011AMA.

Showing off her famous ASSet…

Looking ever so pretty with very subtle makeup.

In her last outfit for the night, she wears this shimmering beauty for after-party which she hosted with FIAT.  Hope you have all enjoyed the Jennifer Lopez pictures and the reason why we needed to put up a dedicated post about her presence at the 2011 American Music Awards.



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