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The womenswear minimalism fever has finally reached the other side of the pond and I am oh so excited about it. The minimalism look has retro origins with both men and women in the sixties opting for extremely clean cut looks with minimal accessories. Back then, it was viewed as a means through which one could express conformity with the standards of society.

Today however minimalism is, wait…for…it…- A means through which the fashion savvy can rebel. Oh yes, in times where bracelets and rings are stacked, the mere thought of minimalism is somewhat mind boggling. However, more and more stylistas are trading in their statement accessories for tightly pulled back hair and little or no accessories.

The story is the same for menswear. Forget coloured pants and stacked bracelets. Clean cut looks pulled off with neutral tones are the way to go for the rest of the year!




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  1. Lagos fashion and design week?I missed this day if this is glad I found this post though.very nice looks and they’re nt so outrageous that they can’t be worn in the *everyday*…welll..the blue tunic will take sme confidence.very nice post.

  2. All very usable combinations apart from the long sleeve/suspenders/shorts combo. I’d like to see someone wear that besides a stand-up comedian.

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