Eddie Murphy pulls the plug on 2012’s Oscar Awards

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50yrs old Edward Regan Murphy, popularly known as Eddie Murphy is in the News once again, however this time it doesn’t involve a failed marriage, a pro in his car nor his new movie doing real bad (though Tower Heist released on Friday didn’t do so good).

Eddie Murphy whom at a point was regarded as one of the kings of standup comedy was due to return to the stage after a long break next year to host the Academy Awards aka Oscar awards however this won’t be happening for he has resigned as the host of February 2012. The News that Eddie Murphy won’t be a part of next year’s Oscars is something that was greeted by shock and sad faces all around the globe as that role was supposed to be a plus for him and help revamp his career after making a couple of not too impressive movies in the recent past in addition to the fact that he’d feel quite at home doing something similar to what made him popular in the first place, comic performances like 1983’s Delirious and 1987’s RAW (not for kids)

Eddie Murphy quit his role as the host of next year Oscars after his friend and producer of next years Oscars, Brett Ratner (Producer of The Rush Hour trilogy, X-Men: The Last Stand & Red Dragon) resigned as the producer. Ratner (Picture inserted below) produced Eddie Murphy’s new flick Tower Heist which also stars a number of known faces and the combination of the two come February 26th was deemed a plus for the Awards show whose 2011 hosts James Franco & Anne Hathaway got terrible reviews. However after Ratner attracted wide spread criticism for his derogatory reference targeted at gays during Tower Heist’s screening, he stepped down as producer of the upcoming show on Tuesday the 8th of November and Eddie Murphy decided to follow suit some hours ago.

Though Eddie Murphy in my opinion would be hard to replace (not impossible), the show must go on and the president of the Academy Tom Sherak has started damage control to that effect. Sherak issued this statement yesterday which makes it kind of obvious they’ve decided against trying to cajole Eddie to keep his role; ‘I appreciate how Eddie feels about losing his creative partner, Brett Ratner, and we all wish him well.‘ Brett Ratner has been replaced by Brian Grazer who produced movies like; Apollo 13 (Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton) and A Beautiful Mind (Russel Crowe, Ed Harris) while the search for Eddie Murphy’s replacement has begun. Let’s see how that goes….

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