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‘On The Move’ is a week-long mini-series that explores the future of transportation. Taking viewers on an eye-opening journey through the world of mobility and its evolution, the series reports on the latest vehicle designs, global trends and innovative technologies.

Hosted by CNN’s Ayesha Durgahee, the show will be giving an insight into advanced technology, technical trends and issues of sustainability. Durgahee interviews key names in the field and looks forward to the groundbreaking developments we might expect to see in the coming years including:

·         Paul Priestman, director of design group Priestmangoode discusses his new concept – a non-stop high speed rail infrastructure called ‘Moving Platforms’
·         Dutch physicist and a former ESA astronaut, Wubbo Ockels who aims to redevelop public transport with his Abu Dhabi ’s ‘Superbus’, a solar powered vehicle
·          Artist and Inventor, Thomas Heatherwick who is reinventing the 1956 Routemaster bus, bringing comfort and calm to London commuters in time for the 2012 Olympic Games.
·          Durgahee travels to Bologna to meet the team behind the latest Ducati Superbike.  Since 1926 Ducati have been behind some of the sleekest, most enviable models in motorcycle history.

In the first episode of ‘On the Move’ the eccentric Industrial Designer, Luigi Colani, tells how the sea has inspired his futuristic transport designs.  At 83 years of age he is still working and currently holds a position as Professor of transport Design at Tsinghua University in China. He is adamant the most innovative and ecological solutions to mass transport solutions will come from the East.
AIR TIMES   Monday 21 November – Friday 25 November in ‘Connect the ‘World’ at 2100 GMT / 2200 CET   Extra 15 minute special on Saturday November 26 at 2115 GMT / 2215 CET and Sunday November 27 at 1215 GMT / 1315 CET  



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