Breaking News: AKI(Chinedu Ikedieze)from Aki and PawPaw fame gets MARRIED.

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So far, we have just one picture and we are trying to get the rest of the pictures for your viewing pleasure. Aki(Chinedu Ikedieze ) gets married today at Mbano, Imo State and the bride is Nneoma Hope Nwajah.

The white wedding would be in Lagos on the 10th of December 2011 and you know we’ll have our tentacles out ready to bring you the pictures.

Enjoy this in the meantime. 🙂


The Couple dancing.

Groom with Uche Jombo
Cutting the traditional wedding cake.


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  1. whoeva posted this is soo funny..i saw alot of d trad wedding pix n d wer lovely..i really wonder y u will post dis ones dt ar soo ugly….HML Chinedu

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