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Talented songstress and current IT girl Tiwa Savage is one lady whose make-up purse I would love to raid, she always gets it right! More importantly she is mindful of beauty products and trend that work for her to accentuate and perfectly highlight her best facial features.

I picked out three of her most diverse make up looks and slotted in affordable yet amazing quality beauty products to use for achieving each look.  Make up brushes at the ready….GO!



1. Eyebrow pencil

Neatly brush your brows. Sharpen brow pencil if necessary and fill in your brows with light rapid strokes to crate an arch for a professional look.

2. Eyeshadow base

Eyeshadow base is fantastic for ensuring that bright colours stay on your eyelids all day long. Apply before shadow.

3. Eyeshadow

Use a strong eyeshadow brush to apply over eyelids. Apply two coats. Once this is done, apply an additional coat and blend evenly over your eyes.

4. Brow highlighter

Your brow highlighter should be used on the brow bone directly beneath the brows. Apply one coat carefully outlining the brows, once this is done use a small shadow brush to blend the highlighter.

5. Mascara

For a flirty and dramatic effect, its best to apply more than two coats of mascara. To prevent smudging, leave lashes to dry for 10 seconds before applying another coat.

6. Powder foundation

Once you have matched your powder foundation to your skintone, the powder foundation is your most precise and quickest tool. Start application at the bridge of your nose and work your brush outwards.

7. Blush

Blush can be used sparingly especially when paired with bright shadow like Tiwa’s. Mousse blush is best as it sinks into your skin better and gives a warmer effect. To apply mousse blush all you need are your fingers to have the most even application.

8. Lip colour

Take a cue from Tiwa and apply a generous coat of nude lip gloss over your lips. And if you would rather go with nude lipstick for a matte finish, then remember to blot your lips twice on soft tissue paper then reapply the lipstick – your lisptick would last longer.  Note: Best way to wear nude lip colour is to cover brush your foundation over your already gently moisturized lips before applying your gloss or lipstick. This allows your lip colour stand out more.



1. Brow pencil

For this look, make your brows a bit dramatic by doing heavier strokes for deep dark brown eyebrows.

2. Brow highlighter

Apply your highlighter sparingly, over the brow bone and under the eyes and on the bridge of the nose. Use your index finger to blend in properly.

3. Eyeshadow

First apply gold shadow over the entire eyelid till you get your desired pigmentation. Then, contour with a dark bronze shadow. Use a good blending brush to blend both colours into each other.

4. Liquid liner

Bobbi Brown’s eye ink pot is versatile as it acts as a liner for eyelids and below the below the eyes. Using a thin eye brush, stare directly into a mirror and trace your eyelids with the brush.

5. Lash extensions

All you need is a good lash glue. Run the glue lightly across the base of the lashes, leave to air for five seconds, stare directly into the mirror and place lashes on the area where your natural lashes  start and end.

6. Liquid foundation

Using a liquid foundation brush, apply foundation evenly on the face and blend in properly into skin.

7. Water based finishing powder


Water base is fantastic for locking in moisture and adding shimmer to your liquid foundation. Apply with a powder foundation brush.

8. Lip colour

Apply lip colour and blot twice for long staying lip colour.

Look3: GIRL NEXT DOOR1. Brow pencil

For the girl next door look, brow pencil should be applied lightly for a more natural look.

2. Foundation

Use one layer of liquid foundation and apply with a brush for a dewy and moist effect.

3. Blush

Mousse blush also gives off a dewy effect when applied lightly, so be careful with application.

4. Brow highlighter

Apply highlighter on brow bone and on the bridge of your nose and blend in evenly with your fingers.

5. Eyeshadow

For a very pretty yet natural look, add a twist by applying foundation over your eyelids instead of eyecolour. It gives off an instant illusion of even tone skin.

6. Lip colour

For the girl next door look, clear gloss is always a winner.

Good luck!!!





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