ABISONASPEAKS: My Reality – Lagos Youths Obey The Idol Call

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I remember during NYSC, we had to learn that song. And for some reason, when I got to the venue for the Nigeria Idol auditions, that line came to my head! I am sure the queues had something to do with it!

Crowd going in for Nigerian Idols

O the queues were long!

Lagos auditions actually held over the course of three days unlike in previous cities and that is not surprising seeing as Lagos brings everyone out! From Benue state to Oyo state to Imo state to Delta, they were all in Lagos! Their aim was to impress the judges, and get a call back for Wednesday or Thursday!

A callback idol who is also a model and an actress.
A Guitar playing Idol

Now with the callbacks, the aim is to get a ”Yes” from each judge! Three Yeses! Good! You know what is even better? A golden ticket! A golden ticket is an automatic pass to the Dreams Studios! It is highly coveted and seldom given so I am going to be on the look out for any lucky guy or girl this week!

But back to the first round of auditions!

Obviously, music is a big deal in Nigeria and Lagos proved it with law students standing beside medical students and theatre art graduates, waiting to audition. Some came alone, some came with family or friends as support, and even some siblings auditioned together! (Yikes! What if one gets in and the other doesn’t?)

Sister Sister Idols

I saw a lot of people (especially the guys) with guitars but no-one can hide behind a guitar with those judges! You’ve still got to be able to bring it and hold your own. And o, if you are going to bring a guitar to the auditions, tune it or the judges will give you an earful.  Or as we like to say, “You go hear wen!”  Some practised as they sat waiting, some made new friends, others couldn’t be read. Why do I think some families called their children and said, ”You berrer go for the Idol auditions o! Abi you have not heard?!”

Speaking of the judges, eko for show!

crowd watching as judges arrive idols5

Yinka with her smile, Jeffrey and his calm, and Charly Boy and his… (shall we use that word we all wish died in 2009?) swag!

Yinka Davies an Idol judge

It can’t be easy doing what they do! With a million good voices, how do you decide which one to say yes to, and who to turn away? Well, when you can’t say yes but don’t want to say no, you can always do like Jeffrey and say ”Yo”.

Yes the first round of auditions were long, fun and funny, but the callbacks are the koko! That would determine who we see going against the contestants from other cities, and who has to take an okada home!

And yes o, abisona will still be speaking from there! Soon!

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