360Chat: 360 Personal With Oreka Godis

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Hi lovelies,
I’m bringing to you a lady I personally admire and a favourite to many.

360nobs gets all personal with Oreka Godis!

And oh yes! I already know that one question you need an answer to. Have a nice read!

Titi: Radio Presenting. Was this your initial choice?

Oreka: I have a degree in Clinical Sciences, I’ve worked for Local and Central Government in the United Kingdom, worked in charity organizations and for corporate firms too. I’d never thought about my voice being suitable for radio (I’d argue that I still don’t). Radio just happens to be the first role that wanted me in Nigeria.


Titi: How did it all start?

Oreka: It started with a voice test before The Beat opened up its doors. I got a call shortly afterwards to then discus my big move into a different country, different role and environment to what was familiar.

Titi: Who is Oreka Godis ‘off-air’?

Oreka: When I’m not catching up on sleep or planning my next meal? I tend to surf the internet and watch a lot of TV. There’s not much else to do in Lagos

Titi: As a versatile on-air personality, what are the challenges you faced?

Oreka: There never seemed to be enough time to play music, commercials, share information on the day’s world events, run competitions and interviews.

Titi: Who are those you look up to in the industry?

Oreka: Andre Blaze Henshaw – he’s the first Nigerian presenter I saw on a TV show in England that I thought had the professionalism and skill to cut it on say MTV Europe.

Buki Izeogu – if you have ever listened to Lagos’s Classic 97.3FM between 11am and 4pm, you’d know why I look up to her. Her music library is rivaled only by her knowledge.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu – he has such a broad knowledge base and can hold his own down in any environment. I really respect that.

Tintin Imevbore – with over 21 years in the broadcasting industry, he became my mentor and coach. He helped me get more confident behind the microphone.

Titi: What have you considered benefits of being an on-air personality?

Oreka: I suppose being able to reach out to a wide audience at any given point in time, there aren’t many jobs that will give you that kind of exposure.


Titi: Who/What motivates you?

Oreka: My mother, my ambition, my experiences.

Titi: What sets you apart?

Oreka: I don’t know. Aren’t we all different? Our opinions and how we choose to live our lives, isn’t that what makes us ‘individual’? Maybe where I’m from? I’m told there aren’t that many Ogori people around.

Titi: If you were not into radio presenting, what would you be doing?

Oreka: If I hadn’t moved to Nigeria to work at The Beat 99.9FM Lagos, I would probably still be working at The Bank of New York Mellon. I would like to think that I would have completed my Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst program by now and either started my masters in Public Health, Policy & Planning or would have transferred to the bank’s New York office as I’d initially planned.

Titi: If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?

Oreka: I think even the worst thing about us and the most shameful stories in our lives all build character. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Titi: Where is your favourite hangout spot?

Oreka: Chardonnay Restaurant & The Green Room in Ikoyi. They have comfortable sofas, beautiful paintings on the wall and the perfect environment to block out the Lagos noise as you bury your head into food, ogogoro and work.

Titi: Why have you decided to break hearts by leaving The Beat99.9FM?

Oreka: I didn’t decide to break hearts. That’s a bit unfair. I moved to Nigeria and into radio for my own personal reasons and when I had reason to leave, I decided to do just that. My professional career and personal decisions are made as I seek to do what is best for me. Same as anybody else would.

Rhecks won't be wrecking the Beat mic any longer

Listen to snippets of her on the morning rush show



Titi: What makes you happy?

Oreka: Being around my family. Friends that make my heart smile. Random banter with friends over a nice meal.

Titi: What makes your perfect man?

Oreka: Intelligence. Someone who is smart without being cocky. Someone who is a walking breathing encyclopedia. Someone who is patient, kind and fair. A man who isn’t afraid to step into the kitchen and can whip up a mean meal when he’s in there. Someone who understands me beyond words.

Titi: What is your most prized possession at the moment?

Oreka: My laptop… We go everywhere together and have been very busy together indeed

Titi: Maxis or minis?

Oreka: Minis

Hawt Legs

Titi: What is your greatest fear?

Oreka: Failure

Titi: What is running through your mind right now?

Oreka: I have to get ready to head out to a meeting soon.

Titi: What’s next for you?

Oreka: I’m now with Network News 24 (NN24) … a Lagos-based cable TV channel. I will be hosting my own show and also consulting on a few other shows at the station.

Titi: Hmmm… that answer will start a long interview o …lemme leave you to go on-air



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  1. Oreka is beautiful. She has really great features and seems like shes a great person. I’m happy for her and wish her the very best from here on.

  2. Her banter with Oli and Toolz drew me to BEATfm.
    Unfortunately, i have stopped listening.
    However, i wish her the best in her pursuits.

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