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The Nigerian senate recently passed a bill banning gay marriage in the country. I didn’t know there were people camping outside the gates of that National Assembly building demanding to be allowed to marry sha but since they have shown us they have nothing better to do (despite the bad roads, non existent electricity, err…fuel subsidy removal, things that actually affect the everyday Nigerian)than call for the ban of gay marriage, then let’s discuss it, with a twist.

If the government offers a N1 million reward to anyone who turns in any homosexual around them (brother, sister, mother, father, aunty, uncle, best friend, neighbor or washerman),would you snitch?

P.S.I am aware that the ban/jail sentence is on gay MARRIAGE and not being gay in itself, so it would be nice if no one tried to spell that out. Let’s just get some honest opinions.



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  1. Correct me if im mistaken but the ban is on gay marriage but the bill in it entirety includes jailing anyone who is part of any gay organization, shows any amorous feelings in public to someone of the same sex/gender, etc. So its not just about gay marriage, its about being gay (or an advocate) period.

  2. they r jobless n cluess pple(national assembly) mbut its a gud bill. homosexuallity is nt part of the african culture. we v copied so much nonsense from the western world.

  3. Nigeria has a lot of problems.. but this bill something is just making me proud ..
    how can u even open ur dirty mouth , and say you are GAY


  4. @koko, I’m not gay but u have shown ur insensitive side here, how can u arrest someone bcos of d persons sexuality… If person na gay e concern dem abi dey no c road,schools and others things do… Imagine asUu dey on strike dey neva resolve am dem dey talk abt gay make God fire deir mouth

  5. Every one has right to make a choice on how to leave his or her life. Being gay 6r nnot ,wer n6t nass job. Let dem go to hell

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