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The tussle for the Project Fame West Africa grand prize is getting tougher by the minute as contestants in the MTN Project Fame Academy are taking their game several notches higher with each performance.

Last week, we saw Emmanuel, Zaliha, Princess, Aziga, Ethel and Isaac go on probation as they did not impress the judges. They had to sing the same songs that got them on probation last week to escape eviction.

Project Fame
Joseph Benjamin and Adora Oleh with the contestants on probation

On Saturday, November 12, 2011, MTN Project Fame West Africa decided to take the show out of the studio by going to the prestigious University of Lagos in Akoka and students were thrilled to see members of the Project fame Academy Faculty along with the Judges. At the end of the performances from the six contestants on probation, the judges confessed that the contestants had improved from last week. “There is a lot of improvement from what I have heard tonight and I must commend all of you for putting in the extra effort because you all came on stronger than your last performances.” an excited Bibie Brew exclaimed.

The highest number of votes from the audience soon saved Ethel then judges saved Isaac. The Faculty decided to save Princess because of the potential they see in her and the remaining contestants not on probation saved Emmanuel.

Ethel during her performance
Aziga during his last performance on PFWA stage
Zaliha during her last performance on PFWA stage
Adora Oleh and Aziga
Joseph Benjamin and Zaliha

On Sunday, November 13, 2011, contestants from past editions of the MTN Project Fame West Africa competitions, Yetunde Orijah (Yetunde Omo Ibadan), Mike, Tolu Adesina and Chidinma Ekile opened the show with various singles that they have released since the competition.

Tolu, Yetunde, Mike and Chidinma
Yetunde Orijah (Yetunde Omo Ibadan)
Chidinma Ekile

The 13 contestants left in the academy later entertained the audience with good performances but the judges did not overlook the mistakes made by the contestants and did not hesitate to remind them that they were in a competition.

“The competition just got tougher and we would now be judging your diction, key notes and your deliveries in the songs given to you. So we think you should focus more on your singing than on your performance so that you don’t compromise one for the other” TY Mix explains.

“You all did well with your performances but we are looking for the best in you all. I believe some of you have gotten too comfortable in this competition that is why we, the judges have decided to put seven people on probation today instead of the usual six to go on probation.” Kwame announces.  “With this new development, three contestants would be sent home from the project fame academy instead of two contestants week. By doing this, we believe that you all would realize that this is a competition and you have to fight to win the grand prize.” Kwame continues.

The contestants on probation this week are Emmanuel, Joba, Racheal, Roy, Princess, Chidinma and Ruth so these contestants have to impress the judges and the faculty to remain in the Project fame academy next week.

To vote for your favourite contestant, text the contestants number to 306 from an MTN line. Each text costs N50 only.  



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