3 – 6 – zer0ing In on Eva (and a 1st listen to Never Say Goodbye off her GIGO EP)

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3 things we don’t know about you


  1. I love to draw. I have been a pencil artist since I was a child. I was the best in Fine Arts in secondary school, hehe, as per efikó. However right now I have sort of channelled all that creativity of drawing into Makeup artistry and Fashion. I own a Makeup servicing outfit ‘makeupByOrselaand that’s my other passion asides Music right now.
  2. I’m a good cook. Yep! Believe it or not I’m exceptional with my dishes. I’m sorta like my Mom. She gets new recipes all the time and always wants to try them out. So we enjoy several delicacies from different tribes. I have tapped into that and I do my own exploring as well. I sha know the man that’s going to stay with me is in for some real good treat. *laughs*
  3. I have never been to the Cinemas before. My friends think I’m insane, I’m just not everybody else. I’m pretty boring though. I’d rather watch the movie on my laptop or ipod. To carry body go cinema na work! Hahaha! I’m weird, I’m sorry.
makeup done by Eva for 'makeupByOrsela


People describe you as Africa’s Nicki Minaj, would you say you both have similar styles?

No we don’t have similar styles. Nicki is an exceptional artist, I admire her work. But do I lift off inspiration from her or get affected by her sound? Not at all.

This is a totally psychological thing. Before Nicki blew up on the big screen, Eve still had the hots..back then everyone said a certain popular Nigerian female rapper sounded like Eve. Today Nicki is hot. And I sound like her? Ok. I’m getting you.

What else do you do when you are not making music, burning candles for ‘EvaAfterDark’ or drinking garri?

*laughs* if I’m not caught up in a situation where my services as a Makeup artist are needed then I’d be home with my brothers watching a movie, playing a video game or most likely cooking, cleaning and being the house girl that I can be.

The much anticipated ‘The GIGO EP’ drops on the 20th! Could you take us through the exciting times while making it? 

Wow! I have been working on this project for a while now. The fun part of the whole process was knowing I had to put together a project with diverse sounds and still make it feel as cohesive as possible. Coupled with that, I was just on recording so I was sort of working on two projects at the same time, the GIGO EP and my main Album.

It was a lot of fun to work with Shank. I mean, I have been a Shank lover since ‘Julie’ hit through my earphones, so to have him on a song with me was bonkers! And you could tell on the song (Down Low), I was just absolutely crazy

By the way, GIGO means Garbage In, Garbage Out.


What’s ur favourite cut from the EP?

My favorite is called “Never Say Goodbye”. It was produced by Gray Jon’z and I had Ese Peters play the guitar live on the song. Its a story that cuts across a diverse group of people that have the same thing on their minds as regards life. I wrote this song over and over again, till I finally felt like I got it right. Asides the fact that I’m a sucker for live music and Ese‘s guitars makes up for the main sound, I feel like a lotta people would be able to relate to this one song and that makes me feel good.

First Listen: Eva – Never Say Goodbye

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Eva-Never-Say-Goodbye-Snippet_tagged.mp3|titles=Eva – Never Say Goodbye (Snippet)]

You recently won the ELOY female rap artist of the year award. How did you feel?

I can’t explain it. You are cut from a number of people because you are considered good enough, and then you are cut again cause you are considered the best..tell me how that should feel. Haha! I have the most amazing fans I think. They support me through it all. Its just pure joy to get the love and support I get from everybody and every single thing is a blessing. I am grateful

Could you give us any hints on what you’ve got in the pipeline? Label signing? Album dropping? Major collabos?

Right now I am not signed to any label contrary to so many reports. I’m not affiliated at the moment. With the GIGO EP dropping this month, my album is in the works for a 2012 release by God’s grace. I think I really would be ready by then. In the meantime I’m focused on several projects I really can’t wait to unfold over the next couple of months.

zer0ing in

I can’t wait to put out this project and have you guys enjoy my music in different forms. The GIGO EP drops 20.11.2011 and there’s so much to look forward to after that.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s made it possible to hold a finished project, the producers, artists and everyone involved.

My management has been doing an amazing job and I’m grateful to have the kind of team I have right now.

Wow! I feel blessed really. Its blessing enough to be able to do this and have it accepted by people. So thank you, you and you! Everyone from the fans to the bloggers, Radios, DJs, OAPs, VJs.. Even aproko people sef, Thank you! *laughing*.


Eva – Never Say Goodbye

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Eva-Never-Say-Goodbye-Snippet_tagged.mp3|titles=Eva – Never Say Goodbye (Snippet)]

  Eva - Never Say Goodbye (Snippet) (1.9 MiB, 757 hits)

All photos have makeup done by Eva for ‘makeupByOrsela.
All photos credited to Obi Somto.



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  1. Didnt really figure u out for a kitchen person ‘cos u look like a spoilt kid to me….glad to be wrong on that count (y)
    I agree wit the Nicki thingy too…different rap styles ( so obvious)

  2. I think you are an amazing artist!like 4real..cn remember wen my frnd first told me abt EvaAlordiah…i just brushed it off..buh when i listened to ‘i done did it’…?i fell in love *clears throat*#nohomo..buh i love your work,personality en all..u stil remain d nig female artiste who cn get me to laugh…now,when i listen to any track ur in,i say to my frnds ‘dats Eva!’.i cud spot ur voice 4rm a mile away..ur EvaAfterDark,just reminds me of my writing(yup,i write,4 pleasure)ur just exceptional and i luv dat..

  3. Eva….Your being a good cook just made my belle rumble…lol! seriously, its really cool to balance all you do and still have time to drop joints for your fans. I’m a big one…and patiently waiting for GIGO!!! leggggooooo!!!

  4. LMAO…you’ve never been to the cinemas?…that’s about the craziest thing I’ve heard all year…crazy-ass pics you’ve got here…you really look like Janelle Monae in that last pic in her video “Cold War”…anyway all the best..time to listen to your now downloading song…still your No.1 fan right from bowen(lemmy know wen someone beats me to it..lol)..Take care..I’m out!
    (Errr…ignore the email I’d pls)

  5. Okay,ur avin neva been 2 d cinema b4 is quite a shocker!… I love ur make up!..its so artistic and d concepts r nice… Luff u eva!

  6. ☺ķªª¥ ȋ̝̊̅ find it hard †̥φ bliv D̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅τ̣̣̥ she not signed yet!!! Anywayzz shez doing great wiv out been signed up yet.. Shezz talented… Ms gala.. @darwyne91…

  7. I love d fact that even tho ur a Celeb,ur still bein U,no fake act,some virtue really lackin in d Nigerian celebs of 2day..All d best Eva,more grounds 2 break n more skies 2 soar! @cryssie89

  8. So you can cook…errmm… Then we can obviously get married then.. But the album dropping 2013 is something I don’t really feel… Haba naw, its too far. Let it cum next year Abeg… XOXO…@segxibaba

  9. Ok, now I can’t wait for GIGO. I’ve beeo a fan since I listened to her verse on 6ft 7ft. She’s just not d regular femcee, she brings something different. GIGO countdown has begun.

  10. Eva I have always loved ur music right from relentless to bossman which u were featured on. I knw that u will go places, Eva pls just so u knw I’m in love with u(seriously) ur art is on point. @preshchild

  11. You cook well, srsly? Oya call me longer throat but I want to taste your food. Lol.
    Nice punch on those thinking you’re ‘Nickimanjing’.
    Can’t wait to listen to Gigo and I even made my artiste do a free mix of your ‘I done did it’. Go check it out! Lol. Nice reading about u. GO Girl!!!!

  12. great artist, great persona, murders every verse she’s on… more grease to your elbow all day and tomorrow Eva. Hey, do you do make up for guys? Lol just saying your make ups are great!!!

  13. Eva, your artistic make up is d best ve seen so far (no BS here). Counting down to the Gigo and I done did it is still my fav. Cheers

  14. Right from when I heard eva do lil wayne’s “A milli” freestyle I knew she had skillz and since then till now she has not disappointed at all! KIU eva.Really anticipating the GIGO Ep.We got ur back like a spinal cord. @GDrizzle 🙂

  15. i know if you ff me today,u might unff tomorrow, but i still love u and ur music….not suprised at anything you say , thats what makes you …..and we love it ….all the best 20112011 cant wait

  16. Eva u’re just amazing.! Funny,down to earth and f**king talented! I so love ur work!! D music and make-up. And Never say goodbye is jst so cool and different. Me likey. Keep it up! 😀

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