WOMAN ON THE BRINK: Mena no go baje o!

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Damn it!

I’m trying to see how long I can go without having an impure thought and so far I’ve only lasted 12 seconds. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be pure and wholesome? I’m never going to marry my pastor at this rate.

The “How to holify thyself for marriage” manual clearly states “A pastors wife needs to be able to maintain at least 120 mins of uninterrupted pure thought a day”.

I’ve been practicing for 3 days and I’m averaging an additional 4 seconds per day before something p’s me off or I get my recurring man in a thong fantasy(I don’t even like thongs and yet I can’t stop thinking about them now). At this rate I won’t achieve pastor wife status for another 4 years or so.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!  Boo Hoo.

I could be dead from non-nuptials syndrome by then.

Maybe, I’m thinking about it too much and I need to focus on other things. That’s it… I’m going to relax and do things to make my life better. Be more pro-active in creating a nicer environment for myself so I’m not constantly plagued by evil thoughts; and I know just where to start.

Brain…Take a memo.

Dear Uncle Fash,
You might think me calling you Uncle Fash is a bit forward seeing as we’ve never met but I waited 2 hours under the blistering sun to vote for you.  Even the toning cream I’ve been using hasn’t restored my skin to its former glory after that experience, so I think I have earned the right to call you Uncle Fash.

Uncle Fash … What’s up with this bridge on Ozumba now? I used to enjoy cackling to myself as I zoomed past my colleagues attempting to make their way unto the Falomo Bridge…Oh happy days (You might think that’s mean Uncle Fash but truly they are not very nice people and deserve to be laughed at).  But I can’t laugh anymore Uncle Fash…No, I cannot!  My laughter has shriveled up inside me because I now need every ounce of energy I can summon to maneuver my manual car home through the traffic on Adeyemo Alakija/Akin Adesola. The other day my usual 5 minutes journey took me an hour and 20 minutes. Why now Uncle Fash? Why?

I’m a fine girl with an ample frame but lovely sinewy limbs.  My limbs are no longer sinewy Uncle Fash.  My legs have now started to develop thick muscles fondly known as ‘yams’ and I have acquired a nervous tic on the right side of my body from struggling with Danfo drivers trying to cut into my lane.  Did I mention I was single Uncle Fash? Young, fine and single but now, all people will see are the tuber sized muscles bulging out of my skinny as I nervously tic away.

Not only am I being disfigured by your new bridge, I am also missing out on potential dating action.  All attempts to get eligible young men to pick me up from home for our dates are now met with phrases like “Ah! Babe…that your street go hard on a Friday night o. You no fit hop okada and I go jam you for the venue?”  Now, I don’t want you thinking I hang out with non-queens English speaking suitors.  The date in question was a Harvard law graduate who was reduced to local vernacular at the thought of being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for hours just to take me out on a date; where he would also be required to drop money for at least one bottle of pink champagne. You too pity him na.

As a regular tax payer and ardent supporter of your fine self I don’t think its too much to ask for you to buy a few more bags of cement and just kuku ma curve the bridge all the way down to Ikoyi.  They are rich in Ikoyi and can afford automatic cars or at least drivers to develop the yams on their behalf.   Some people might say I’m being selfish and that traffic is a necessary evil that affects us all. Don’t mind them Uncle Fash, those people are not God fearing. My God fearing brothers and sisters would not want me to suffer like this. They would want me to able to wear short skirts in the summer and not have children chasing me down the road calling me “Aunty Warapa” because of my tic.

I know you are a good man who will not allow his governmental decisions to be dictated by heathens.  So come tomorrow morning, I expect to see a bridge closed sign and nubile young men mixing concrete for my ingenious bridge extension idea. No fall my hand o.  Don’t worry, me and my other single, manual car driving friends will support you come election time for a different office you wish to run for.  Not to mention the special invite to my wedding once the yams go down and I catch a man. 

Uncle Fash Fash!!!!! Eko no go baje.

Your ever loyal constituent,
PS: Do you have any vacancies in that your office? 



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  1. LMAO….Mena has officially lost her marbles!!!!
    I dont even know where to start from…the “kuku ma” or the fact that BRF is Uncle Fash to her
    “I haff die from lalving!”

  2. OMG! Aunty Warapalololololol! Love it! You are a riot!
    Your humour and style of writing *sigh* …so refreshing…
    Keep it coming!

  3. Lol @ just kuku ma curve the bridge all the way down to Ikoyi.
    I sure need a dose of mena everyday.
    But really,the bridge causes more traffic than it was suppose to reduce.

  4. You people are laughing? Is this a laughing matter?! I expected u all to take up arms in my defence and form a “Kuku Ma Curve The Bridge” vigilante group to avenge my once fine legs. Chychy,Stranger,Honey dame,Kay,Mzcee,Samuel and Mabijo;
    Mena is not amused

  5. i totally agree with you Mena. my colleagues and i still discussed this bridge issue ystdy. i cannot believe theuy paid technicians and engineers to create such a daft ramp. i mean how can?

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