Video: Nigeria’s BET Cypher (Male MCs and Behind The Scenes)

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FACT: Nigeria is a HipHop nation! (Hi Rihanna and Genevieve)

In case you missed last night’s aired show, peep the video (thanks to iCirculate) to BET Nigerian Cypher which consisted of some of Nigeria’s dopest rappers – Mode  9ine, M.I, Saucekid, Naeto C, X.O Senavoe, & Iceprince.

They blessed us with some of the sickest word-plays and punchlines I’ve heard.

Also below is a brief video, shot behind the scenes during the taping of Naija BET Cypher (thanks to House of Naija).

Apologies about the quality of the video and the unavailability of the Female Cypher …hopefully a good Samaritan will put it up today or we’ll just wait till when BET puts up the HD versions.

You can also watch the other Cyphers here & last year’s Ghana’s Cypher below

So who do you think came out on top? Holla below with your reasons!

Yup! Get familiar!

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  1. Mode 9ine & M.I killed it jor, XO disappointed when it came 2 da BIG stage. Ice Prince was wack …Killz, eLDee, Olamide, Ruggedy Baba or Yung 6ix would have done better. Naeto C didnt bring it as well. Sauce would been better if he had shown his African rap side instead of his American side #sinzu

      1. XO was d truth jor!!\and i realized he was the only one who repped naija/africa with the things he said.Pay attention. he Killed it!

  2. MI Killed It Major. Mode 9 ran him close. Them 2 stood out Major
    Sauce was 3rd & XO 4th
    The rest were wack. Naeto wack, Ice Prince wack. I luv dem 2 cats but on d nite they were piss poor

  3. X.O senavoe and sinzu dint do as I expected!Average! I expected more! Modenine is a Bawse! M.I bossed it also!.. Iceprince and Naeto C were wack! Vector and Yung6ix/Phenom wulda done better! Nice Cypher! Atleast miles better than The shitty Ghanian cypher

  4. @Stu,
    M.I didnt kill shit. his word play and punchline was quite average; lyrical content wise,he was not dat sharp; delivary was good;but all together he was just decent. Nothing extraodinary

    Sauce was dope.His word play was on point, punchline was above average, lyrical content wise, he made sense with his words, delivery lacks enough steam, but all together was dope.

    Naeto C was average. Same with Ice Prince. Ice prince word play was not it.He was not making enuff sense. was only just trying 2 make words rhyme even though the lines were meaningless. Neato C’s lines were much more better and meaning full but his delivery was not 2 tight and his lyrics lack depth. He was kind of material with his verse.

    The only wack dude in the band was XO. and he failed because of lack of composure and arrangement.

    Mode9 is the real deal. Dude was excellent

    All together as a crew dey impressed1 love brodas n sistas.

  5. AS a whole verse XO Senavoe killed the cypher …hes the only one who had a fast flow so alot of what he said was lost on the average listener but i just saw people write his quotes on twitter. They are on an Eminem -type level with the wordplay…also correct me if im wrong but this is his first video right? That boy iz da truth!!

  6. What was up with all of the American accents? It doesn’t really make sense saying you’re representing your country, but then speaking in a foreign accent.

  7. sauce try no be small, mi played it safe, what he lacked in depth, he made up 4 wit wordplay, naeto c what’s up wit u what were u doing?, xo don’t know what 2 say I guess I forgive u, since u r new and had it at the back of ur head dis was da BET cypha, anyone would’ve been nervous ice prince, should’ve saved urself da embarrassment dat was whack as hell(bumper sticker punchlines) Mode9, chop knuckle u killed it, u justified ur claim “last time i was out rhymed I was about 9” left the rest hanging their mouth. I’m happy 2 see all of dem get along, and why was naeto backing sauce up?.

  8. mode nine killed it no doubt about that. x.o senavoe was the punchline but his delivery messed it all up.mode nine nailed it..

  9. That wasnt a cypher, what they did is nothin other than another muzik video shoot…only mode9 rily understood cypher the concept of cypher…mc’s are meant 2 stay put in they positionz,nod they headz 2 da beat,till its tyme 4 each 2 step 4ward and spit…didn’t yall c d manner in which otha cypherz went??? Smh! Mode9 brought out da best lyrics combined wit his strong punchlinez and wordplay prowess..M.I was just rhymin big wordz and bringin out nothin…Naeto C,was nt meant 2 be there, that dude aint no cypher material mehn! …otherz were just average…thumbz up 2 mode9, u stl da best mc/lyricist..

  10. Simple straight up..M.I came with his corny “tion” ” tion”….naeto c…ewwwwww…ice..ewwwwwww…..sauce came on but got soft towards the end..XO..blah blah blah…modo..aced it…is yall deaf or yall started listening to rap…recently..

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