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Hey people, here’s the thing, we’ve thought long and hard how to make sure the last 2 months of 2011 on 360Date ends with a big BANG.

So, while we all prepare for Waje to take her chosen date for lunch this weekend, we’ve decided to let you choose who we should have for both our 360Date November and December editions.

We present to you Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Lynxxx.  Both of them are very very handsome, funny and most of all intelligent.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is a trained lawyer, a writer, an events compere and a TV personality(was in Big Brother Nigeria in 2006 and has hosted a few TV shows).

Lynxxx is a music artist(has an album called ‘This Is Lynxxx’), he is the Change Your Parade master and the Utunu chief, CEO of SYNDIK8 Records which he is signed to as well as a partner, and a Pepsi ambassador. He also has another talent – he is a graphic artist too.

These 2 people tick certain boxes we know you ladies would like to have in a date.  

So, you have the grand opportunity of choosing only in 140 characters (use the comment box below) who should be your first 360Date for November and the other person would be your 360Date for December 2011.

We promise that either one you choose, you would be guaranteed a fantastic time.




Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. Yaaayyy! I’m first… Both of them are sizzling hot!!! Damn! Hmm… Tough one, I guess it’ll b lynxxx first tho, then ebuka next! Or no! Ebuka first thn lynxxx next…. Ouch! I dunnoooo… Wait a min, ok I’d go on a date wif lynxxx first cuz yh well let’s face it, asides music I dunno wot else he cn do, thn Ebuka in dec simply because intelligence can get it! 🙂

  2. Lynxx is my newest crush.walked past him @ The Headies & 4 a second i thought he looked @ me (you know). well,he wld be a sexy Christmas gift as a date.

  3. Please ebuka for november, lynxx for december. The competition will be more in december cuz most ppl will be home and I don’t mind losing lynxx. Ebuka however *gbosi gbangba playing in background*

  4. Oh well,I don’t reside in Lagos,so I’m already fried on this one. Can Ebuka and friends please accept my invite and come to my city?

  5. heeeeellllooooo hottieesss! Ebuka is a hot guy but i don’t need all 140characters to say i would pick LYNXX for BOTH months if that’s even possible.Lynxx is my number 1 :*

  6. Lynxxx November, Ebuka in december so those of us not in naija can have a chance
    God settled well to create those bodies lawd!!!!!!!

  7. Please what is ‘rude’ and ‘inappropriate’… one mans meat is another man poison, everyone can’t be all nice and dreamy about Ebuka or Lynxx so if thats the comments you guys would post, i suggest you open a fan club… like i said earlier (i see you didn’t post it) Noble is in love with Ebuka, only in his case would rude and inappropriate talk come up… hisssssssss

  8. Ok ok ok ok!!!! So let’s have/keep civil and proper interrelations up till November and then in December we can change our parades right in time for the New Year when hopefully all the heavens will break loose and it can RAIN MEN; HAWT, SEXY, FUNNY & CUTE ……….

  9. Ebukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa all the way… look at him in the silly and funny pic… HOT – NESS *melting*

  10. So, after that caption, you couldn’t figure out a way to add the word “ladies” to the first sentence? One has to scroll past the third picture before seeing “ladies”? Abi, you wan give naija gay men hope? lol

  11. Ebuka! *fans self* he’s sizzling hot & intelligent too! I don’t care much for Lynxx tho. Lynxx for November, Ebuka for December. He’d make the perfect christmas gift

  12. This is not fair to those of us that don’t reside in lagos. But if I had a choice,Ebuka will be it,*Looks,great dress sense n witty too. Wat more can one ask for?

  13. hmmmm plz give me Lynxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill do the unthinkable to that dude!!! i dont think any artist has as much sex appeal / aura as he has!!!! effing sexy!!!!! sigh


  15. OH!!! this is a no brainer!!! LYNXXX CAN GET IT ALL DAMN YEAR LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYWHERE 2!!! GOSH!!! hes a perfect man!!

  16. @ebuka being a lawyer is my drm and always combining with my fashion life style is quite not easy,imagine a date wit someone who wants to be like you?

  17. TIMBO TIMBO BASKALABA TITA A… Nevermind. Can I have a threesome? Gosh! Hawtness!! Whaaaaaaat? *slaps self, faints, wakes up and faint again*. They are HOT!!! Both of dem can get it. Truly, I pick none. I shall admire from afar. Cos I might embarrass myself if i go a date with any of the two. HAWTNESS.

    P/S – Watsup with y’all always thinking all dem fine boys are gay? Abi dem don knack u before? Oya take ur sister to them for trial, that’s if they are bothered. N a so dem talk say Tuface na gay til e come get children

  18. Lynxxx oozes more sex appeal in my opinion…those eyes just say “its all abt the fuck baby!” So Lynxx will be ma choice no 1 all day, errday! I’m sure to have a good time wiv Ebuka and learn some legal ish! Lol

  19. Ebuka all the way ,I have loved your personality right from BBN days but will I be able to keep up with the fact that you are very patriotic and very conversant with your environment ,you love MUtd ,Basket ball and Lawn tennis and you are also a lawyer…………
    I know little or nothing about your interests but will be glad if you pick me and I get the opportunity to know about them and meet you in person “at least I will stop looking out for your pictures on bellanaija and 360nobs…..*covers face*

  20. i sooo want to screw Lynxxx!!! yea i said it!!!

    he looks like hes bed game wld be intense!!! theres just something mischievous about him!!! and that body!!!! OH MY!!!

  21. I would love to be Ebuka’s date. I ve so much admired him ever since the Big brother nigeria show. I love his intelligence, attitude, his work performance…. I read his column write up, watch his game shows. I love the way he carry himself and his way of presenting shows and events. I see him as a very interesting, intelligent, fun filled person and would so much love to be his date even its just for a min. Have so much tried to ve a chat with him, to get to share ideas through twitter and other avenues but to no avail so would be very happy if am chosen to ve a few mins memorable date with him. Hoping and praying my wish comes true because it would be to me as a date with an icon. Ebuka so inspires me

    From A great admirer and fan

  22. for keeps ebuka but i have a serious crush on lynxx and im scared he may not want me for keeps but if he would then lynxx all the way baby! by the way lnxx for december and ebuka for november

  23. Ebuka definitely for both months. I have loved ever since I laid my eyes on him BBA nigeria. Hes hot candy and I follow him on twitter i can see how intelligent he is. Please Ebuka all the way

  24. Two handsome Igbo men. So handsome! Igbo people are always the best-looking out of all tribes in Nigeria, anytime any day. See as they look like african americans. If they introduce themselves as Bryson Hudge (Lynxx) and Peter Gates (Ebuka) nobody would ever doubt they are black americans. Lol. I prefer Lynxx though. Very handsome, tall, funky and bad-boy looking. Lovely.

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