Nigeria Info 99.3FM …Newest Radio Station to hit the Airwaves

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Last Saturday on October 1, 2011, a new radio station Nigeria Info, 99.3FM hit the airwaves.

The new radio station is the 1st ever 24 hour News/Talk show and is targeted at replicating the Cable Network News (CNN) in Nigeria. It will cover the South West of Nigeria and will feature mostly talk-shows, news, sports with intermittent music.

The Managing Director, Mr. Amin Moussalli told newsmen at a recent media parley held in Victoria Island that the 24 hours Nigeria Info 99.3FM whose launch coincided with the nation’s 51st independence celebration would among many programmes relay two premiership matches live every Saturday and is a sister station to the existing Cool FM and Wazobia FM stations.

He disclosed that while Cool fm runs morning and afternoon, “The new Nigeria Info will be on nonstop programming for 24 hours”, adding that the management while sourcing for the best way to revolutionise Nigerian broadcast, engaged the famous CNN newscaster, Bill Tush as a consultant to train Nigeria Info crew. Bill Tush pioneered CNN from Channel 17 in Atlanta.

On the talk-show, Mr Moussalli stated that the market research conducted by the management showed that only 27 per cent populace actually likes music while 40 per cent go for talk-show programmes, adding,

Our target audience is the people of 25 years & above and anyone who is interested in hardcore news/topical talk shows.

Nigerians are becoming more demanding; we want tosatisfy more peoples’ yearnings in broadcasting; this new station which will certainly breach the missing link between the people and proper broadcasting is going to be CNN of a radio in Nigeria.

Talk-show callers  will pay nothing because it is going to be toll-free; that is the best part of this; whoever calls at anytime for whatever duration would not be charged by service provider.

Meanwhile, the veteran Bill Tush commended Nigeria media for excellence, adding that it could compete favourably well with its counterparts anywhere in the world.

The new station will be championed by seasoned broadcasters and OAPs. Some of them are – Matse UwatseGeorge Omagbemi, Femi Obong Daniels, Victor Orhorho & Onimisi Adaba.



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  1. I was thrilled when I turned on my radio set, started tuning and then discovered a radio station of my dream! 99.3fm-Nigeria Info. A radio station that will air a 24-hour non-stop talk shows that are educating and mind-building. It’s amazing!! And I exclaimed, ”Finally!!!!”. Keep up the good job u’ve started. I know one day I’ll join the family of Nigeria Info, the best radio station in town. It’d be nice if u can extend ur tantacles to other parts of the country.

  2. i had a difficulty detaching myself from wazobia fm to any other radio station until this your new station came on board.
    i just decided to have a taste and ever since then, i saw that i have been in love with the station.

    Indeed, 99.3fm is actually the type of station i have been longing for.

    even my driver enjoys the station as it is very educative

    Kudos to you for the good crop of presenters you assembled to cater for our info needs ranging from christy, yop, matse, george, fola, victor etc

    keep it up

  3. hello guys,u guys are really really doing a good job,i cant even move away from my radio for a munite,i really enjoy u guys,God bless u all

  4. My names are Emmanuel Dek. I lost my mum and I seriously need your financial assitant. Thanking you in anticipation. Pls i am very gud in acting all i need is someone to back me up.

  5. Ever since I first listerned to your sports analysis ( with FOD and his ;notorious’ team), it has being had for me to turn back. I will like you guys to work on your coverage properly cos I am in Abeokuta and I only get to listern to you in my car. Except you want me to be in the car and be driving all over the state with your sport analysis last.
    Good job guys

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  7. Helo Guys

    I was driving to TBS one fine bright afternoon when my eyes saw your poster and i immediately tuned to the station and believe me from then till now i have been the happiest person ever. I am a news freak and when I saw that this is what you offer I just want to thank you management for giving those of us in this realm a relief from the usual music stations.

  8. Goodmorning,i heard abt this station and i just want to pass a very urgent information.Some travellers along okenne Road have been helh hostage since about 2.a.m by some group believed to be militant claiming that the government owe them.Please help us contact approprite authoritties.Thank you.

  9. The president told us the many things he will do with the proceeds from fuel subsidy removal, pls he should tell nigerians what he has done with the subsidy he removed from diesel because my truck runs on diesel .

  10. This station is best, when talking of the latest news, infotainment, sport especially football frenzy. In fact, i can’t listen 2 other again. U are my award winning radio station.

  11. nigeria info has been a source of inspiration to many. Its informative, educative and entertaining. On behalf of Nigerians, we are sayin thank u to d initiator, staff and d management of this station

  12. Since the gov can’t go against itself,labour is only avenue& that’s the way it’s done everywhere in the world.i want those on side of the gov to tell nigerians how the subsidies that ve been removed 4rm AGO,GASOLINE & KEROZINE for over seven yrs now are been used. B4 we can trust the gov.on this. ONOJA EMMANUEL.

  13. You people are wonderful, original in all aspect.plaese keep it up.
    Tell JONA that 160million nigerians can not be wrong,you can only fool some people sometime and not all the people all the time.

  14. Hello Themi I do apriciate u 4 d air time u sent 2 me on d 25th. May Baba God empower ur elbow. I lv 99.3 ur statin is d best 4 now kip it up gud job.

  15. Revert to 65 Naira and start negotiation. Government should do this in sympathy with berieved Nierians who lost
    their loved ones in this strugle. We love our President and we expect a greater show of love to Nigerians. Many Nigerians are still battling on their return journey after the long holiday. Allow them to come back with reduced transport fares, settle down and do the total subsidy removal after important parliative measures must have been put in place. Our President should listen to the words of higly placed Nigerians who have tasted power and don’t want Nigeria to go in flames. Please try to address Nigerians again and shed the burden a little. The private sector is worse hit in the on-going strike, but we hope it is a necessary sacrifice to move Nigeria forward.

  16. My brother i don’t blame them some people just seeing everything a way to make some money for there self thanks

  17. For me I still believe, that is not the President I voted for to help build the nation. He is a Leader not a Ruler. Please Protest is a right so no shaking let them say that to a goat or chicken.

  18. The save Nigerian group should mind their words. The same pastor Tunde Bakare who was Buhari running mate in an election contested under cpc which they failed to make it, With this kind of unguarded statements bring this country to confusion confusion. He should know that leadership is ordain by Almighty God Who he serves.

  19. Hello, at this point i think we need to say the truth always, and not to hide, Nigeria is on the way of breaking, imagine the callers not telling the truth all becouse jonathan is from their side. Its time to say the truth regardless of where we are from. God bless nigeria.

  20. Nice work! Ur station is doin a great work! please can u people come over to Delta State especialy d University community-ABRAKA. we will be very especialy we d students so dt we will b informed

  21. U guyz are certainly d best. Ur sports comentaries are out of this world. D whole team – femi, olisa, kelechi square and d fantastic emmanuel etim are indeed a wonderful blend. Big ups guyz, u all are just amazing. Cheers. How do one reach u guyz on facebook & twiter? Wil appreciate it if someone can enlighten me.

  22. To curb graduate unemployment, let the NASS make the retirement age of civil servants be 55years or 20years service. The FG and State Govts to implement this for the next 5yrs.

  23. Good Morning All.

    I have never listen to ur station like dis before,
    I u are d best sport and entertainment and news
    both local and international.

    I love ur Radio Station. My names are: Omale Adejoh Moses
    I am the world most greatest…

  24. Great is this station, I am proud to be a part of this laudable broadcasting station. Please send me a mail for a great Yoruba motivational talks on your station as a spice to many of your programs. Thank you so much as I am expecting your reply.

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    Yours Sincerely,
    Tony Akpomedaye.

  26. Kudo’s to you guy’s out there ,i just want to confess that your station have win my heart so just keep the good work floating and don’t allow any bad polititian come and buy you guy’s am very much happy this station came out in my time is a good development….

  27. They use d stollen money to send thier children to abroad, and they use it 2 orgnis paty between them selves.

  28. am so addicted 2 ur station great ppl u guyz gat in there n luvly job,cant bylf talkshow station exit in 9ja kudos ,plz I wud lyk 2 follow all ur program on tweeter

  29. If there is any good thing that happen to Nigeria/Nigerians in recent years, it is nigerianinfo. I love you for ever

  30. hi guys1
    pls i will like you to send me your talk show numbers.many times i try to call but you are too fast when you are calling the numbers .
    pls i will prefer it if you can send the numbers to my phone number 0803 577 1896 or 0815 344 2124

    thanks in anticipation

  31. pls i will like you to send me your talk show numbers.many times i try to call but you are too fast when you are calling the numbers .
    pls i will prefer it if you can send the numbers to my phone number 08033281890 or pest them in ur site.

  32. Hello guys, u people are really doing a great job but i’d always like to contribute in ur programs but i don’t have ur nos n whenever u call it, it’s always too fast. Can u pls send ur nos to my mail or to my fone no, this is my fone no: 08051444976

  33. I first tuned to this station during the fuel subsidy strike. I was so facinated with the indept news coverage, but now I have also extended my addiction to sports , travels and environmental programmes of the station.
    Kindly send your facebook address to my email address. I love this station!

  34. Hello everyone,

    You all have made my days since last year.
    I don”t listen to any other station since last year.

    Your news at the top and the bottom of the hour every hour 247 is the best.
    Your sports crew, are simply the craziest, deadliest and the nation”s finest gang on radio. Thumps up for Femi, Kelechi Nkoro, Fiona, Oliseh (The Oyinbo man) and the rest of the gang.

    Your talk shows, issues and developments in Nigeria and around the world ranks next to none in this part of the world. You are simply the best. My shout out goes to Matse Uwatse, the Itshekiri Lady, Tolulope Adeleru, Yop, Mitchell and Katherine. Many thanks to Seun, Emmanuel Etim, Bolarinwa, Victor Orhorhorho and the rest.

    I have not for once called in on any of the programmes but I have always being with you all the way.
    Regards to the overall boss, the inventor and the visionary of the peoples’ station.

    My name is Josh Allen from Ikotun, Lagos.

  35. The Sports Team is pretty Excellent in their delivery and broad knowledge base across a vast number of sports.Fola is pretty Frank with her 11pm -2am program. Her approach and frankness might have positively impacted on struggling Marriages and relationships and she dare take on issues that some considers sancsrosant before now. I like her courage and control of the programme. Keep your foot on the gas pedal to fire full cylinder at all times. Be the best you can be in any endeavour you thrive.Remain blessed. Thanks
    Newman Oseremen

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  38. Hey guys… U guys ar ryly duin a great job…. Jst wanna ask watz d tittle of d song u guys du play wen a big club loses during femi nd d sport team(gang)…..mama mama……..lolz

  39. Hey guys… U guys ar ryly duin a great job…. Jst wanna ask watz d tittle of d song u guys du play wen a big club loses during femi nd d sport team(gang)…..mama mama……..lolzz

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