Get Familiar: 9ice Drops 3 Songs – Adigun, Attitude and Everyday

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9ice comes in heavier than today’s storm with 3 oven fresh songs from one of his soon to drop albums – “Bashorun Gaa“.  Good music right hurr!

Press Statement:

Alapomeji Entertainment Limited is right back at’ya with the most anticipated album of the year, BASHORUN GAA &VERSUS ALBUM.  The double album has been postponed couple of times, it has been criticized even before the release, it has been scrutinized and now at there’s a way out at the end of the tunnel. The album is due this quarter before the year is over. We’ve promoted a couple of songs before and now we are giving you 3 new songs from Bashorun Gaa. Enjoy.

Adigun Ojuwon’lo is another song produced by Tee Y Mix and mastered by Zeeno Foster for Alapomeji Entertainment Limited. Adigun Ojuwon’lo is a song from Bashorun Gaa album, an high life kind of music that will grow on both old and the young ones most especially in Yoruba gathering, a song that is about self-appraisal and self-confidence boost and more generalized.  Adigun Ojuwon’lo is now on rotation on Rainbow Fm 94.1.

Attitude its an up tempo song that talks about the Attitude 9ice has and the kind of Attitude people should have in the society. It’s a song produced by Tee Y Mix and its mixed and mastered that Zeeno Foster For Alapomeji Entertainment Limited. Attitude is one of the great songs that is ready to hit their waves but strictly and exclusively for WAZOBIA FM till the album drops. Why WAZOBIA? Wazobia Fm represents the major tribes that we have in Nigeria and the radio station use pidgin English that is 100percent an acceptable language that all Nigerians understand. This song Attitude will make you dance, will make you think twice before you act; this song will make you set a positive priority in life.

Everyday is a love song produced by Tee Y Mix and mixed and mastered by Foster Zeeno for ALapomeji Entertainment Limited. Its a love song that relates so many things we wish for in life, luxury, happy life, money, and so many other things but as we live life and work towards achieving all these things we love, we fall in love and right there, right then, here comes the time we want to be with our love ones, get married and settled down. Whether we are rich or not, whether we achieve that goal or not we want to make family and we want to enjoy being in love.

Yup! Get familiar!

9ice – Adigun


  9ice - Adigun (3.9 MiB, 2,302 hits)

9ice – Attitude


  9ice - Attitude (3.3 MiB, 1,836 hits)

9ice – Everyday


  9ice - Everyday (3.3 MiB, 4,441 hits)




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  1. You are simply great for not dissapointing your fans through your prowess and consistency. that’s a geat one from a great singer.

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