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It is the season of minimalism and indulging in the act of purchasing garments that are as anti-feminine as possible. Fashion experts everywhere are preaching monochrome, tan coloured fabrics and masculine structured dresses. So when I was confronted with a new collection from one of my favourite designers, featuring feminine cuts, soft and bright fabrics I felt a really good sense of refreshment! Finally, a designer who is breaking the rules on this season’s trends and doing it HER OWN way.

The new Funlola Deri collection is for the chic and elegant customer who understands the power of a properly constructed dress. The collection features dreamy fabrics and colour blocking pieces teamed with classic 5 inch heels for a femme fatale look. If you understand the effect of a flowy romantic chiffon gown then this collection was made for you! I especially love this collection as each piece highlights curves and simultaneously celebrates feminism.



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