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Nicki Minaj makes the news again but this time it’s for a fashion product line.   The celebrated latest queen of hiphop has just endorsed a nail polish line with one of the biggest companies in the nail beauty business – OPI.

OPI is well known for releasing nail paints that are matching with fashion trends every season.  Anyone that uses OPI nail polish would know that each nail polish has funny, quirky and interesting names which are usually related to the theme of the particular collection they are focusing on that season.

They have had too many collections to mention but these are the ones they have on their site now–Texas, Swiss collection(2010), Soft Shades(from the whitest shade to the palest pinkish brown and perfect for wedding nail colours),  Brights by OPI(this has every bright colour you can imagine), Touring America Collection(this is the current for FALL 2011 – you should check it out on

Like Nicki Minaj, the likes of Serena Williams (Serena Glam Slam Collection) and Katy Perry have a collection going.  Even the Muppets, yes the same sesame street Muppets have a 12 piece collection with names like Getting Miss Piggy With it!, Fresh Frog of Bel-Air and Rainbow connection.

Nicki’s 6piece collection is named after her hit songs from her debut album ‘Pink Friday’ and the colours are indeed fun and funky yet colourful as our Black Barbie herself.  They are “Pink Friday”, “Fly”, “Did it on ‘Em” ,“Save Me”, “Metal 4 Life” and “Super Bass Shatter”. The collection would be officially released in January 2012. Here they are below. Which is your favourite colour?

Do you also have a favourite OPI nail paint you would love to share with us?  I love quite a few of the OPI nail paints, my current faves are Need Sunglasses? Green-wich Village(both from the Brights Collection) and Makes Men Blush(Soft Shades Collection)…lol.



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