Coco’s Chronicles: Let’s Talk About Sex …Male Experiences

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So, quite a number of people believe I’m against the male folk for some reason. I wouldn’t argue that but then I’m a girl and so I’m expected to see a lot of “girl-boy” issues from the female angle.

Anyway, I’ve decided to give the male folk a chance on this matter. Let them talk about some of these issues and share their experiences with us.

Kay’s worst sex experience goes thus:

He’d met this girl through another friend of his and liked her. He learnt sometime later that two of his friends had asked her out but she’d turned them down. This didn’t stop Kay from pursuing his object of interest though. Somehow they’d gotten close and decided it was time they did it. They got the ball rolling and Kay did his homework, getting the girl wet and ready. They moved into the next phase without wasting time.

After about five minutes, the girl started complaining. She stated they were going on for too long and she was tired. Kay tried to pet her a little and then she added “why do I feel you placed a bet on my head?”  Bells rang in Kay’s head. What? She was asking him that during the act? He immediately lost erection and that round ended right there and then.

About thirty minutes later, Kay was in “konji” mood again and then they decided to try it out but his partner didn’t last up to three minutes before she went dry. Kay said “I had blue balls all day from too much sexual activity and no ejaculation

Since most boys around me claim to have always had it good, I got a friend Tylamba to help me ask his friends about their worst so far and he came back with these hilarious, ludicrous and disgusting tales.

Stuart as he is called by his boys is a loverboy and romantic guy by all standards. Stuart met this girl while he was under the influence of alcohol and decided to hook up with her. She was not fine and not really endowed but he hooked up all the same (boys and how they allow konji to lead the way). They fixed a date for the next day and Stuart arrived at the girl’s house in the morning.

The first turn off for him was the fact that she hadn’t had her bath. He went into her room all the same and then they started getting it on. She pulled her panties and an awful smell almost made Stuart change his mind. He didn’t and then she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She had not made it there when she started to fart. That was it! The erection went back to where it came from. Well, I blame Stuart for this experience and I guess he in turn would blame it on the alcohol.

Imoy had known this girl for a while and they’d gotten down a couple of times but according to Ty, she’d never “taken a bite of the banana”. The girl finally decided to taste Imoy’s banana and on this day, she started well. She licked and sucked and went all porno on Imoy, it was a good one until…she tries to deep throat and buuuurrrp….she pukes all over his banana (well, in my opinion serves Imoy right for trying to feed someone who is obviously not a monkey, banana)

Sparks’ worst was with a girl whose er…veejayjay was thrice wider than what it should be. all through the act, his thing kept swimming in the er…the girl’s thing. He could only go one round (of course that’s what happens in situations like that one). For him that was a lot of energy in something that yielded no result.

So I gave the boys a chance on this one. Let it not be said that I’m a female chauvinist of some sort.



I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. “well, in my opinion serves Imoy right for trying to feed someone who is obviously not a monkey, banana” << This statement just killed me…Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Lmao!! 1st of all… @Sparks might haff had a small prick..d gals Veeveejay might haff not been dat wide… Den @Imoy must haff a Big banana to choke his monkey…. And @Stuart sowi… But dat was just Gross.. n u r a full… 🙂
    Nice read sha… Enjoyed it plenty…
    Nice 1 TyLamba…n Coco..lovely topic..

  3. @ ayob…ma prick no small o… slim n tall….aboki style….dt tin pass me dt day…..all d same nice 1 coco…..alwyz a pleasure visitin 🙂

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