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Hallo peeps of the world.  Yes, it’s that time again, we have some candids to share with you.  Yes, it’s been a while unfortunately we haven’t had much to share with you hence the non-posting.  Hope you have been great and keeping the flag flying for the candid world.  Keeping your eyes peeled for interesting pictures to be ‘snapped’ and steal from others who have been brave enough to take them. Here are the ones we have for you this week to keep your Thursday entertained.

In this collection as sent to us by Sally, Agatha and as taken from a new site we have been directed to(share the name with you later), we have the most ridiculous, an image we can’t wait for you to see and some pumpkin art to get you going since it’s that time of the year to have them coming out with scary style (just as a thought, how come we don’t have people in Naija creating art out of PawPaw -its hard enough for carving na – abeg someone should start the trend).

We have some more images for next week and possibly the week after, so stay clicked.  As always, it doesn’t matter if you have seen some of the pictures here before.  Look at them with fresh eyes, and see if they would make you laugh again.We are  Have a great laugh until we are back with more.

PSA: We are still in dire need for more candid photos that can make people roll on the floor with laughter. Please send what you have to with the subject Candid Photos. 


Remember share your candids with us,

Asta la vista!!!(Terminator voice)



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