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The lady currently Running our world is the cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar US edition for the month of Nov 2011.  She was the cover girl in the UK edition of the same magazine in Sepetember 2011. Just a few months apart, I know.  She is one hot commoditity especially since she revealed her pregnant status -everyone wants to photograph her and talk to the usually private singer/designer/actress but this is one news where the evidence  is impossible to keep private.  

She revealed in her interview she might be designing a maternity fashion line through her House of Dereon label…which isn’t really a surprise – I’d say.  

JayZ and Queen B would be expecting their baby in February.  Wishing them all the best.  Can’t wait to see coolest baby in the game.  😉

Check out the unquestionably hot pictures below.

Photographed by Terry Richardson. Styled by Andrew Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar US. 



The magazine would be on the newsstands from October 25 in the US and other countries few weeks after. There is also a full interview of the Preggars mama, visit for more. It’s an interview to read.  

Below is the behind the scenes video covering the photoshoot. Beyonce is truly a trooper.

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