An IDeaOL Port Harcourt Audition

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Reality shows are most exciting at two stages- the auditions phase when you see all the raw talent and a little bit of madness thrown in, and the first time you truly discover who the competition will be between.

Auditions range from simple to laughable to wow to ‘’but why this one come out na’’? Be it dance, music or any other kind of talent, once it is open call, you get the good, the goad (when you are in between), and the ugly!

Nigerian Idol is kicking off its’ new season with auditions in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Lagos and the show starts to air from December 4th so you will see what state brought what! As for Port Harcourt, if what i saw was anything to go by, there will be looooooooows, and then some highs!

Infact, i have seen enough auditions from various platforms to be able to do a post on the Ten Audition Commandments…. *rubbing chin*

The Port Harcourt auditions held on Friday and Saturday with a mini-concert rounding things off on Saturday, and call-backs slated for Sunday.

Friday and Saturday saw an interesting throng of people though i suspect Lagos and Enugu will bring more out. It can’t be easy getting only a few minutes to impress someone who decides whether or not you advance in a competition can it? I am quite sure i would mostly freeze!

The mini-concert was fun! Dj Neptune who’s just gifted, Dj Zeez (who i bumped into at the airport earlier), Frank D Nero (he didn’t perform ‘’Kalangolo’’ o!) and of course, Mr Raw! Mr Raw actually had the crowd dancing in a circle to ‘’HipHop Gyration’’.

The call-backs took most of my Sunday. I was able to get a good seat and watch as they came in one by one, some impressing, some depressing. How do you stay on a queue for hours though, just to do the singing equivalent of scratching your nails on a chalk board? Some of the contestants had to sack their friends, and others, their stylists!

I really wish i could show you some of these pictures or tell you who did what but the show starts airing in December so you will see what i saw!

Nigerian Idol airs December 4th!




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