360KITCHEN: Shrimp Fried Rice with Baked Chicken (A MUST CLICK AND READ)

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 Hello wonderful people of 360world, here is something new to keep you staying clicked on 360nobs.com.  If you all respond well to this post, we’ll continue  and if you don’t, we’ll still continue…LOL…but we can only do this with your great support.

It’s called 360KITCHEN, where a kind-hearted person makes a meal and shares with us how the meal was made plus wonderful mouth-watering pictures to make our stomachs flutter and possibly get us into our various kitchens trying the meal.  

Today, we present to you the meal for this week which was made by Kayte. Enjoy. 

Over to KAYTE to share with us how she made her meal.

Hello everyone, the meal I made was Shrimp Fried Rice with Baked Chicken and here are my ingredients and how I made my meal.

360Kitchen: Shrimp Fried Rice and Baked Chicken

Freshly peeled raw shrimp (frozen shrimp could be used as well)
Mixed vegetables
Chopped bell ’Big’ peppers (red and green preferably)
Spring onions
Red onions
Canola Corn Oil (any vegetable oil will suffice really)
Habenero ‘Small’ peppers (Atarodo) – (as you would prefer)
Parsley (either fresh or dry)
Chicken stock (optional)

I never learnt to cook with a measuring cup so I can’t exactly say a tea spoon of this or a cup of that, I just use my discretion. 🙂 

Here is how I made my Baked Chicken
First, I cleaned my chicken, took off the skin and removed unwanted fat around the chicken.


Next is the simple , a blend of tomatoes, pepper, and some red onions, poured that over the chicken, then seasoned with maggi, salt, thyme, some curry, and parsley flakes. Covered that and set it in the fridge for a few hours while working on the rest of my meal. I usually marinate my chicken over night, but a few hours (1 or 2) before cooking works as well.

After my marinating process, I placed them in the oven with the heat turned to 300-350 degrees and left the chicken to cook for about 45 minutes, turning it once or twice to brown on both sides.

Here is how I made my Shrimp Fried rice
I washed my rice to remove the starch.  I always parboil my rice in chicken stock for extra flavour – this is optional you can just do the same with water and some salt to taste.  I don’t like my rice over cooked so I always add just enough water to par boil and cook it at the same time.

When my rice was almost cooked, I poured in the raw shrimps.


I always cook my shrimps with the rice because I found that cooking it with mixed vegetables results in the rice having more water than needed. Frozen shrimps on the other hand, can be cooked easily with the vegetables, but fresh shrimp in my opinion always tastes better.


With the rice and shrimp cooked on the side, in a separate pan, I started with some canola corn oil (or any oil you would prefer to use but not groundnut oil), then added some sliced onions, sautéed that for a few mins with a pinch of salt,


Then added in the mixed vegetables, stirred it all up and let it cook/fry for about 5-10mins, then, added in the diced bell peppers and spring onions.


In the vegetable pan, I added some salt, maggi, a good amount of curry (as this is what gives the rice the desired yellow color), thyme, and the fresh habanero(small) peppers. I left all this to cook together for about 10-15mins, stirring intermittently. You don’t want the vegetables to be over cooked – you want just the right tenderness. 🙂


Finally, I poured the vegetables over the already par boiled/cooked rice and shrimps. Mixed it all up, I tasted for salt/seasoning – make sure you do this so you don’t destroy the palette of the people you would be cooking for 😉 and then add more only if needed.


I then let my pot sit under very low heat for about 15mins and voila, it was ready to serve.

My Chicken was also ready to serve.  Here is my finished product.


Bon Appétit!!!

Bye guys and thanks for reading.  My name is Kayte.

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